Rosamond Family Owns America

In this Land of the Free you were allowed to Will other human beings in a legal document to anyone you wished. Did they have to be a citizen? Evangelical leaders deal out Jesus Free From Guilt Cards to Southern Crackers – if they register as Republicans – because neo-Confederates took over the Party of Lincoln. This is why Shitler had his Confederated Victory celebration in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Shitler only celebrated the Red State Loyalty-Voter Day.

“First, I will and request of my executors to dispose of the plantation and lands whereon I now reside at public sale.
Secondly, I leave my Negro man, Will, to be disposed of according to my will bearing date of September 2, 1808, and the residue of my Negroes namely, Peter, Jim, and Dudly, with Tenah, Sinah, Jenny, and Charlotte, are to be sold. And further, I give to my affectionate wife all my household and kitchen furniture with six milk cows and the stock of hogs that belongs to the mill-with a sufficient quantity of corn for the support of the family for one year.”

Rosamond Press

RosamondJohnBlackMale601820SelfMarriedSouth CarolinaSouth CarolinaSouth Carolina
RosamondLethaBlackFemale561824WifeMarriedSouth CarolinaSouth CarolinaSouth Carolina
RosamondMaryBlackFemale301850DaughterWidowedSouth CarolinaSouth CarolinaSouth Carolina
RosamondWilliamBlackMale201860SonSouth CarolinaSouth CarolinaSouth Carolina
RosamondFrankBlackMale181862SonSouth CarolinaSouth CarolinaSouth Carolina




Now that the American Voter has rejected our First Black President, and his party, in favor of the Redneck Southern Cracker Party of Jesus, let me be the first to reclaim the United States of America under the rules of the Evangelical Tea Party of the New Confederate Slave Nation of the Filthy Rich! Here is Reverend Thomas Rosamond a circuit rider and owner of slaves. Check out these Southern…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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