Trump The Triumphator

Trump has beheaded our military who will not go along with his grandiosity and megalamania. Shitler loves to pit loyal Americans against one another. He would love to pinch the ass-cheeks of his Shitler Maidens when he comes into his full power.

Rosamond Press

There is debate over the source of the name TRUMP. Some say it stems from drums, and other say, from trumpet. I say both. I suspect TRUMP is the reincarnation of a Roman General, who longed for a Victory parade, but, bungled everything he touched. Was he Gessius Floris? How about……….Pontius Pilate? Why not – King Herod?

POTUS is fixated on having a parade in his honor. The Roman Triumphator (Trump) was given a elaborate parade. This is why Trump has gotten rid of most of his generals. He wants full credit for everything he does. Look at the look on his face. See how he leans far away from a real General. Triumph is already enjoying the cheering crowds in Rome. When Herod hung a Roman Eagle on the temple, the Holy War against Rome, began.

Will Trump murder the Third Coming of Jesus?


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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