Stanley and Rose-Marie

Civic Pride is our stage for our Human Drama.

Rosamond Press

My childhood sweetheart sent me a text today. She is struggling with a Evil Tooth. The sins we carry for the bad choices we made – make.

‘Spit all those evil teeth out of your mouth girl – before they kill you!”

The greatest pain, in Marilyn’s soul and being, was the death of her brother, Stanley. She loved her brother the way my sister loved me.  We were their ideal.

Above is a pic of M with her actress friends. She believes I went to her school when I was in the second grade. She told me she wanted to take me home and give me a bath.

I learned all there was to know about Pathos from my Loving M. If she was not I the world, I am not in the world.

I know she has something very mind-blowing to tell me, when she starts her story…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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