The Exodus From Crete

The Pharisees are favorable to Jesus. Why? “It has been pointed out by many scholars that the book of Acts, on the whole, contains a surprising amount of evidence favourable to the Pharisees, showing them to have been tolerant and merciful. Some scholars have even argued that the book of Acts is a pro-Pharisee work; but this can hardly be maintained. For, outweighing all the evidence favourable to the Pharisees is the material relating to Paul, which is, in all its aspects, unfavourable to the Pharisees; not only is Paul himself portrayed as being a virulent persecutor when he was a Pharisee, but Paul declares that he himself was punished by flogging five times (II Corinthians 11:24) by the ‘Jews’ (usually taken to mean the Pharisees). So no one really comes away from reading Acts with any good impression of the Pharisees, but rather with the negative impressions derived from the Gospels reinforced.

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In the year of Christ, 424, in the reign of Theodosius the younger, another Pseudo-Messiah arose in the island of Crete, who said, that he was Moses, and sent from heaven to carry the Jews in Crete, on dry ground, through the sea, and persuaded several of them to throw themselves into the sea.

If you wish to title me a Pseudo-Messiah, the founder of a Pseudo-Religion – be my guest! I highly suggest all evangelicals who have entered politics in order to install Satan Paul’s, and Satan Darby’s, insane teaching in my Democracy, head to the ocean nearest them – and jump in!

For twenty-nine years I have tried to figure out how Paul found members of the first church. I found evidence they were redheads with green eyes. With this DNA report, you can add folks with blond hair and blue eyes. I suspect the first church began on the island…

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