Why I Died

I am going to do a painting of God and use this work as an illustration for my book that should be published in a week.

Rosamond Press

What came out in the attack of the Ugly Kimbo Tribe, is that any scumbag who says he or she is a Christian, has a good chance of being raptured. They don’t have to read the Bible, or, know a word of what Jesus said. Of course the Rrats are going to viciously attack my claim that I was dead, but then, God restored my life. They will strut their Ugly Fat Asses in front of my window, and call me deluded – and dangerously insane! They will say I think I am their King Jesus. But, they forget about Lazarus.

My Rosemond-Roover kin bid Bosch to do painting for St. John’s Church you see in the painting of John of Revelations beholding an angel. The model could be my kin.

I am holding a piece of the rock I took when I went back to McClure’s Beach in 1988…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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