Radio Free Arabia and The World

Kashogi was on the news last night.

Rosamond Press

This reporter died for his dream. They severed his head so he could no longer speak. How like John the Baptist Kashoggi is. John spoke when he was eight days old. The Koran has Jesus speaking minutes after he was born. However, the narrative is wrong. The Koran is wrong. The New Testament got it right – if you own the eyes to see, and the ears to hear.

Billions are given to the three major religions. Not a penny is given to me. Devils plot to take away the little money I have. And, so it goes for the man who has seen God. No one wants to die.

Salome wanted John’s head preserved and plated with silver so she could converse with God when ever she will. No one asks me what heaven is like.

When I found Hollis dead I called 911. The operator bid me to…

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