A Star Free From Stain

The Nazaritee did not drink alcohol. This is why I became one. I needed a higher power in my recovery.

Rosamond Press

My daughter came into my life in 2000, when she was sixteen. She was raised to be a Star. Her mother is a Stage Mother who asked me this when I told her I had a near-death experience;

“Did you happen to see my mother while you were dead?”

I knew then I was just a conduit, a disposable tube in which my dead sister’s genetic material was jettisoned to my daughter via her mother in order to produce a Super Star. The dead grand mother plays an important role that I am not privy to, I not a member of the divine family. Nor am I allowed on stage – or back stage! I am the janitor at the school auditorium. I am good ol Joe leaning on my mop while I behold her, then, it’s back to work.

My daughter’s grandmother was a schizophrenic who was severely beaten…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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