President Made Russian Troll Image

The President of the United States broadcast a doctored image of the Speaker of the House that is similar to what Russiah Trolls were doing before POTUS got elected. If this image was made to help Trump get elected, then Trump approves of Putin’s tactics. Trump has given Barr clearance to look at the attempted coup by the democrats. I have posted a hundfred articles on the Neo-Confederates.


More than half of the Facebook ads created by the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency to influence Americans during and after the last presidential election made references to race, according to a new analysis by USA Today. The news organization reviewed every one of the 3,517 IRA ads released to the public earlier this week by the House Intelligence Committee (IRA), and its reporters discovered that nearly 2,000 of the ads referred to race — accounting for some 25 million impressions from targeted Facebook users.

Previous examinations of a smaller selection of the ads established that the IRA worked to influence voters using already contentious American issues like race, immigration, gun rights, sexual orientation, and political party tribalism, but this new analysis makes it clear that racial tension was the Russian operation’s go-to wedge.

This ad ran in mid-October 2016 and received more than 6,000 impressions and 700 clicks. It targeted adults who showed interest in topics like the Civil Rights Movement or anti-discrimination. Photo: Screencap/Handout

Fifty-five percent of the ads targeted race, which was also a primary angle for many of the 24 percent of ads that focused on crime or policing. The IRA’s use of divisive racial ads ramped up as Election Day approached in 2016, as well as after Trump was elected. In fact, the vast majority of ads from September 2016 to May 2017 focused on race in one way or another. And while it should be noted that many IRA ads did very poorly with Facebook users, the race-related content performed better on average.

The IRA also seems to have used references to pop culture, including memes related to Pokémon or SpongeBob Squarepants, early on as a way to build rapport and credibility with audiences ahead of the racially divisive content.



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