It’s……..SHOW TIME!

Belle betrays me and becomes a cripple. We make ammends. We author a hit Broadway show. Is this a dream, or a movie?

I tried to give Belle – something! She was selling roosters, then, giving them away. She mentions food stamps and needing a place to live. I now believe she and her cohorts believe their threats – worked. I suspect she has used their fake Call Him Out poster on the fake abuser site, to enhance their reputation.

Kim Hafner and my neighbors used that poster to own power over me. They were not happy I called the police. Why? I believe they wanted to mentally torture me, and, force me to move out. I now wonder if Kim contacted Belle. She used to be a gleaner that delivered food to Whoville. Did Kim want to esteem herself in the Hand Out community where there is a competition for goods and services?

What would members of SLEEPS have done if I did like the demanded, and took down all mention of them from this newspaper? Would they call and suggest I make a hefty donation? I did consider that.

John Presco

Rosamond Press


Last night I talked with my dear friend, Christine, for about an hour while she sat on a park bench at the corner of 6th. and Bleaker St. in the Big Apple. Once again, she asked for my recipe for Chili Verdi. She had not yet opened my Cultural Care Package containing the ‘Super Star’ outfit I bought her. She was seeing another man, because Stefan was steppen out on her, he romping about with a woman from Austria that the Godmother of Greenwich Village gave a Karate Chop to while rescuing six giant canvases that Stefan rendered that were decaying on a rooftop. There was a cat-fight in a U-Haul.

Stefan and Christine are central characters in my Broadway Musical ‘My Big Beautiful Blue Bicycle’ starring Belle Burch, who I proclaimed was a younger version of Marilyn Reed, my first girlfriend, who is married to Black Jazz Drummer, Kenny Reed…

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