Spot The Killer Pink Porker

At my exam I was asked about feeling depressed.

“I am a historian and dedicated newsman. I have a check-off list that moves us closer to German Nazis. We are just about there. Of course I am depressed!”

I came home and watched  Lawrence O’Donnell showing folks in the South laughing at the lynching of black people. Why white women reserve the right to be utterly ignorant and vicious, needs a HUGE STUDY because it was bi-passed at the end of World War Two. Why? I suspect General Eisenhower did take a peek, and saw it was these Aryan Women who were the real bloodthirsty killers who egged their men on. White women love the idea of getting away with murder. They hate to be culpable! This is why Trump’s ratings went up. He appears to be impervious to American Justice.

You can blame the Lesbian Left for creating the Invincible Woman Victim. Trump stole their fire! They created a Super Woman and Super Race. Sexual preference was just a smoke screen. Georgia passed a law yesterday making abortion illegal where women who get one can go to jail for 99 years. The hope is this will go to the Supreme Court and get Roe vs. Wade overturned. So much for the Unity of Women. The male leaders of the Christian-right know who THEIR enemy is – WOMEN! Christian women – don’t have a clue their men label them THE ENEMY – and never will! This fact makes a journalist want to take his/her own life.

In 1991 I watched Pat Robertson bid his viewers write their Congressman and demand the Statue of Liberty be torn down because she represented “Goddess Worship”. In my story, Kim Haffner will be standing in Liberties place – with her little dog on a leash!

“Give me your large size, overweight, ignorant – Fatties!”

If men, and male reporters were allowed to give a critical report in the last forty years, without being titled ‘Misogynists and Gay Bashers’ then there might be an honest critique that would be a guide on how to avoid extremism. Locking me up, and Beating me up, is the New Female Nazi rearing her ugly little head! Now, there is an agreement to shoot illegal immigrants. How about gassing them while they are – locked up!

Gun Violence is a big issue. Trump got 88% of the Evangelical Vote. Why not have evanglical women go on a Sex Strike and Gun Exchange? If their man wants some pussy, he’s got to hand over one of his guns. Think of Christian Women saving children and students by withholding sex.

John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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