The Sephardi Trojan Horse In Jersualem

The Judges of the Fig Tree seek a new resolution from Reformed Judaism to serve the least in this Democratic Land.

Rosamond Press

There have been pleas from moderate Israelis to moderate Jews in America, who may consider themselves members of Reform Judaism, to help SAVE ISRAEL from the Orthodox Extremists who want the boundaries of King David’s kingdom, restored. The evangelicals want the Jews to restore David’s Kingdom – and Temple – so they can inherit God’s legacy. The OWNERSHIP OF KEY LAND is vital in fulfilling the religious prophecy of several religious groups when you throw in the Mormons who got into a dispute about whether they are a real religion.

Then there is the new Embassy in Jerusalem. These religious groups make all kinds of religious claims to this building built on holy land. It has become a rook in their chess game. The job of  a U.S. Embassy is to assist U.S. Citizens in foreign lands, first, and foreigners, second. This would entail upholding our Constitution.

Above is a…

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