‘Jew’s Land’ Revisted

On this day I calim the land that was promised me where I will establish the headquarters for ‘The Judges of the Fig Tree’. God warned the Jews about wanting a king to rule over them. He had founded the Order of Nazarite Judges to guide the people in many legal and religious matters. They were also the genrals of God’s army.
““For his first birthday I promised my Grandson, Tyler Hunt, a kingdom. American
Democracy has awoken from the demonic spell put upon it. Let the celebration
On June 8, 2010, I got a call from a stranger, Samuel Josefa de Mattos, a
descendant of a famous Sephardic Jewish family. He said he had come across my
study on Rougeknights and said; “You appear to know more about my family then I
We talked about his ancestor, Francis Salvador who was killed by Indians. Samuel
said his kinfolk left the “Jews land” around the small town of Hodges due to the
hostile natives. The Rosamond family may have done the same, they moving to
Mississippi leaving their plantations behind. Did the de Mattos and the Rosmonds
know one another?

Rosamond Press

The Women’s March ground to a halt over issues I presented in this blog that made me enemies. As a true Prophet of God, this is the price you pay.

Seer Jon

They say they disagree with anti-Semitic and homophobic statements, but will not condemn them specifically.When asked about the controversies on media outlets, they frequently refuse to even say the words Jewish or LGBTQ.They post dog whistles about dual loyaltiesand that their critics are the same as Jesus’s.They explain eloquently that they choose to condemn bigotry (but not bigots), yet condemn Anti-Defamation League.

Read more: https://forward.com/opinion/417820/take-note-womens-march-jewish-existence-is-resistance/



Tyler Hunt and Samuel Josefa De Mattos

Today my grandson, Tyler Hunt, turns seven years of age. Happy birthday grandson!In June of 2010 I was offered an acre of land in South Carolina by a descendant of King David…

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