Headless Reporter-Prophet With Walker

Jerry Farrell just suggested Trump serve two more years – without holding an election! What?


Nancy Pelosi suggested Democrats stay in the middle – or Trump may not step down if he loses. What? Did you know Barr and Mueller went to the same Bible study?

I think those three women – and others – come from a radical church here in Springfield, the same church folks that sent fake Patriots to protest in front of the Post Office ten years ago. Women For Trump is a fake grassroots movement. I think Farrell wants more time to convert non-believers who feel real confused. Secular solutions aren’t working – as planned. The News can not come up with REAL answers as to what is true – because the President is an egregious liar. This is Religious Brainwashing that has stepped over the line of Cultural Warfare, This is – ATTACK! When borderline believers feel powerless they are bid to surrender to Jesus, a Sky-god that is not for Trump.

So, theses women evangelicals go a lot of attention, and, cost the city a $50,000 dollars. Did they like the coverage from the liberal press? What other press is there, in most cities? When you read their posts on FB, it is like being fed oohy-goohy  super Jesus sugar with warm puppies and fake healing goodness from the Confection Sky-god. Evangelical males are pushed aside. They can not join in on the Holier-than-thou tinsel and glitter contest that is coming – to your town next!

Of course there is much  post-bragging on FB, how they told the old fart with a walker, that my reality, and viewpoint – has had it’s day! This is how women play amongst their species. Cutting a woman out of their group, is a sport. Men can argue, but, they let fellow dudes back in to argue another day. Women want to get rid of the long tedious talking male T.V. heads presenting both sides. They got that good-looking supernatural King of God dude on their side.

“Jesus really told me he really loves me today. He healed my puppy of ring worms!”

I am getting some leads as to what is behind the attack by the Kimites, that I can not divulge at this time. It was a Holy Glitter Contest. I feel for those who are being sucked in. If things get worse, I might have to broadcast on YouTube from the neck down, so the enemy won’t point me out.

Hey, wait a minute. You don’t think I had something to do with the counter-march?

Seer Jon

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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