The Pseudo History of Kissy Suzuki

The Matrix sprang from my novel ‘The Gideon Computer that I began in 1986, and could not finish because it was about the future that kept coming true. I have claimed I am a Futurian, but, time is not structured in a linear fashion. Truth is not a linear concept. Truth is not fashioned from a Lie. Now the The Great Liar walks the earth, we can see a Lie is not linear, either. A lie can not morph into the truth.

Rosamond Press

Kissy Suzuki married James Bond and had a child by him. There is no history for this child. Because Ian Fleming is in my family tree, I will provide this history and genealogy. I would like to reborn the Japanese artists and poets in a series of movies about ‘The Royal Janitor’. There may be a conflict with the families of these people, and thus I may have to change the names.

Victoria Bond’s great, great, great Grandfather is Takeshi Kanno who became a fovorite of the poet, Joaquin Miller, after Leonie departed. Takeshi married the sculptor, Gertrude Boyle. They had a son. Driven away by jealousy, Gertrude found refuge in the arms of  Eitaro Eishagaka who is the nephew of a Yakuza gang leader who tried to take control of the Japanese silent film imdustry in Los Angeles. Porno movies were made. Eitoro suspected the boy Gertrude gave birth…

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