Raising Peresphone With A Kiss

What is reality?

“I will DEVELOPE these characters that can go anywhere, into video games, online fantasy worlds, the movies. The authors who made Neo, have painted themselves into a corner with this unworthy advisory – that I will usurp after giving Melinda the greatest kiss in the universe, for it is a Dragon Kiss.

Rosamond Press





lyman2This morning I got down on my floor and consulted the I-Ching by throwing three coins six times. I read hexagram 53 DEVELOPMENT.

“The maiden is given in marriage”

I was looking for the hexagram I threw after the home invader left with our tiny T.V.

“Why did you give him our T.V. knowing he was un-armed?”
“Because, human beings become violent when they believe they have lost face. He prided himself on being a good thief.”

I read about not fearing your enemy, or, owning fear. It went something like this;

“If you do not fear your enemy he doesn’t know where to shoot his arrow, of thrust his spear.”

I then realized I have no enemies. I have defeated them all. I thought about those who opposed my study on the Merovingians and the Nazarites. They they fell away and withered when I presented the name of Pharamond’s…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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