An Evangelical Terrorist

Being a Seer, and Prophet, and Newspaperman, is the hardest job in the world. Why don’t I do drugs and go back to drinking? I tried these things. They did not work.

This morning Trump talked to Putin and said the Inquest is over.  My angel woke me just before the call? I believe the Christian-right is performing a coup.

Seer Jon

An abandoned church in Monowi, Neb., April 28, 2011 (Rick Wilking/Reuters)

Christian parents and pastors must learn more about counteracting online hatred.Whenever we hear news of a mass shooting, we expect the shooter’s life to follow a certain kind of biographical script. Perhaps he’s long suffered from mental instability. Perhaps he’s from a troubled home, with a long history of suspect behavior. Deprived of purpose and meaning, he’s drawn to dark thoughts and evil places. The pattern of radicalization is clear — evil actors are drawn to broken men, and broken men are prone to evil deeds.

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by telephone Friday morning for “over an hour,” during which they briefly discussed special counsel Robert Mueller’s report and other issues, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said.

The conversation, the first between the two leaders since the Mueller report was concluded, was part of a larger discussion that was focused on the crisis in Venezuela and also touched on North Korea and other topics, Sanders said.
Speaking to reporters at the White House, Sanders said the Mueller report was discussed “very, very briefly” and that it was brought up “essentially in the context that it’s over and there was no collusion, which I’m pretty sure both leaders were both very well aware of long before this call took place.”

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