Government Funded Virginity Instead of Contraception

Democrats excute their babies while Republicans cherihs their children. Evangelicals are insane!

Rosamond Press

When George Bush was President, he gave 160 million dollars of our tax money to indoctrination camps in order keep teenagers virgins. It didn’t work. Why isn’t this Big Government – and Big Brother?


The data presented in this report indicate that many young persons in the United States engage in sexual risk behaviour and experience negative reproductive health outcomes.” That is the very clinical and polite way a new Centre for Disease Control and Prevention report introduces its finding that rates of teen pregnancy and STDs are, after more than a decade of decline, once again on the rise.

This news is, of course, not really news at all. When former president George Bush was still pushing for more funding for abstinence-only sex education programmes in November 2007, it was immediately after a study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy found that comprehensive sex…

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