Renaming Benton Hall

When I become the President of the United States, and the head of John Fremont’s Aboltion Party, I will erect a statue of Harry Lane! He stood alone against the tide of bigotry and hatred. The Kimites mocked me and laughed at me, they gleeful thinking I have no friends. They told me my daughter was against me. Well, when Jesus came out of the wilderness, wearing rags, he had no friends. not even in the town he was born in. They tried to shove him off a cliff! Jesus was a Nazarite, like Gideon  – ‘God’s Champion’. God likes these odds – a million to one!

When a racist minister threw me out of his Bible Study for asking good questions, I asked what became of the teaching of John the Baptist, the Nazarite for Life. I wrote this on a piece of paper;

“I am a Nazarite!”

I then baptized myself in the McKenzie River. Walking back to my car, I met two of my relatives on the trail who had seen my car, and went looking for me. There was no one around, but us. They are my two witnesses!

I then went to the old Eugene library and looked for other Nazarites. I found the Zulu Nazarites and wrote them a two page letter telling them God wants me to be a member of their church.

Everyman will have a God-el! Jesus was a God-el Redeemer. He married his brother’s widows. He gave his mother away to another brother. He freed the slaves and they tried to kill him. I will tell you the Truth of God from the Oval Office!

John Presco

Candidate for Office of the President of the United States.

The obligations of the goel include the duty to redeem the relative from slavery, if the latter had been obliged to sell himself into serfdom (Leviticus 25: 48-49); to repurchase the property of a relative who had had to sell it because of poverty; to avenge the blood of his relative; to marry his brother’s widow in order to have a son for his brother, in case the brother had not got any son to pass his name forth (Deuteronomy 25:5-6); and to receive the restitution if the injured relative had died (Numbers 5:8).

Rosamond Press

I am going to submit Harry Lane as the person whose name will grace Benton Hall. Harry is TEACHABLE! He is the opposite of his grandfather, Joseph Lane, and appears to be the ideal man a group of scholars would approve of to replace (via a time machine) what my kindred did. The question is, if there had not been a Thomas Hart Benton, would someone have replaced him?

If Harry had his way, back then, native Americans would own most of the land west of the Mississippi. And, that would be that. No other white man would ever again covet the land of the Red Skin! I have read just one scholarly report,  that Benton was a man of his times. What does this mean? If you read a condensed book of human history, time is marked by a ‘Land Grab’. Read your Bible! Abraham Moses and Aaron –…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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