Real-Estate Mogul Awards

Once again I saw this coming.

Rosamond Press

I just watched the Oscars. How about the Real-Estate Awards? I want to see the California Barrel CompanyLLC Story from start to finish. Why did they pick this name? Who are they? They are……….The Phantom of the Charge!

“As envisioned by California Barrel Company, the LLC which is leading the charge and includes Associate Capital and Meg Whitman as members,”

There’s only one way to read this script: the CBCLLC, is not Meg, or AC. Give us a human name, god-damnn it!

I see Seth Zachary escorting Meg Whitman on the red carpet. Quibi has made some mind-altering Real-Estate flicks, that have caused some folks to orgasm. Seth is wearing the best tux ever made, and Meg has sequined dress full of images of Tinkerbelle.

Associate Capital finally got their act together. They will be wheeling out their juggernaut surrounded by Victoria Secret models wearing barrels, with tame California Grizzlies…

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