They never heard of The Curse of the Old San Francisco Barrel.

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Is Spielberg onboard with Mega-Meg’s Quibi-Fix? Why is he attacking Netlfix? Is he preparing the way for Quibi – by destroying the competition?

I am going to talk with Netflix about designing Labyrinth-Net-Learning aimed at bringing women into the field of Computer Science, by constructing their own labyrinth along the lines of the Bohemian Labyrinth of the world. I watched a program about the shortage of women who are adept with computers. Shocking! I suspect women are susceptible to false hierarchies due to being oppressed for thousands of years. They are JOINERS. They may not be hard-wired to take the learning initiative and be LEADERS. A program to overcome this has been invented. I also suspect this is why women join churches and surrender to a pyramid deity, which I believe Mega-Meg is trying to become, she gathering a team of male illusion-makers around her, it permitted for her to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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