Were The Crawfords Knights Templar?

Allan, William; Blind Harry, Reciting the Deeds of Wallace; Paisley Art Institute Collection, held by Paisley Museum and Art Galleries; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/blind-harry-reciting-the-deeds-of-wallace-189838

Legend says Robert de Bruce was helped by Knight’s Templar at the Battle of Bannockburn. Here is my friend’s mother who descends from William Wallace. I am the first to connect John Darby and the Plymouth Brethren with Robert Bruce, William Wallace, and the Knights Templar.

John Presco

her parents, Emilie Susan (Cavenagh) Wallace and Robert Bruce Wallace;


 Eryl Portia <I>Wallace</I> Corbin

Photo added by DaveVangsness

Eryl Portia Wallace Corbin


Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Death 7 Jan 2009 (aged 99)

Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota, USA

La Pointe, Ashland County, Wisconsin, USA

Memorial ID 11061451 · View Source

Portia died Wednesday, January 7, 2009, following a brief illness, at Charter House, her home for the past 24 years.

She was born March 30, 1909, in Los Angeles, and spent her childhood years in Sierra Madre, California. After graduating from Pasadena High School in 1927, she earned degrees in childhood education from Occidental College in 1929 and the Froebel League School in Childhood Education in New York City in 1930. In 1931 she earned a degree in primary education from Broad Oaks School, Whittier College. In 1931, after teaching kindergarten in Phoenix, Ariz., she and her sister, Lucile, founded a nursery school, the “House at Pooh Corner,” in Palo Alto, Calif.

On Jan. 2, 1932, she married Kendall Brooks Corbin in Carmel, Calif. The couple moved to Rochester in 1946, where her husband entered clinical practice as a consultant in neurology at Mayo Clinic.

During the next nine years, Mrs. Corbin was affiliated with Aldrich Memorial Nursery School in Rochester, first as a board member and later as vice president and president. A second major activity was her long-term involvement with the Rochester Art Center, on whose board she served for nine years, and was its president in 1969 and 1970.

She was survived by two sons, Kendall Wallace (Susanne) Corbin of Eagan, Minn., and Edwin Malcolm Corbin of Eugene, Ore.; five grandsons, Kendall Bruce Corbin and Ian Andrew Corbin (and their mother, Jane Hammond Corbin) of Minneapolis, and Cosmos, Freeman and Eden (and their mother, Kathryn Corbin Parker) of Eugene; three great-grandchildren, Marcus, Sylvia Fay and Griffin Corbin; and a niece, Joan Popenoe. She was preceded in death by her husband on July 22, 1999; her parents, Emilie Susan (Cavenagh) Wallace and Robert Bruce Wallace; two sisters, Winifred (Barton) and Helen Lucile (Popenoe); a niece, Sydney Barton (Robinson); and a nephew, Frank Popenoe.

The fight with the English took a severe toll on the Wallaces and Crawfords. William’s father and both brothers were killed by the English. Most his maternal uncles and cousins likewise lost their lives. The heritable position of Sheriff of Ayr and the title and lands of Loudoun passed on to the Campbells with the marriage of the heiress and last survivor of the line, Susanna Crawford, daughter of Sir Reginald, the Fifth Sheriff of Ayr, to Duncan Campbell. Hugh, an uncle of Susanna, does appear to have survived, or at least one of his offspring did, and it is into this line that the Crawford Chieftainship passed. Hugh Crawford also was the progenitor of the Crosbie line. For his valor at Bannockburn he was rewarded by Robert the Bruce with a heritable grant, being given the estate at Auchenames, which became the residence of the Crawford Chiefly line and gave its name to that cadet.

The principal legacy of William Wallace for us Crawfords is his kinship to our House. His mother was a Crawford and thus the Wallaces recognize us as kin, as we do them. We also, through the centuries, have shared with him his love of liberty learned from bitter life lessons and at his uncle’s knee. Sir Reginald is said to have inspired his at the time very young nephew William with the statement:

Dico tibi verum, libertas optima rerum:  Nunquam Sanville sub nexu vivito, fili.

Freedom is best, I tell you true, of all things to be won:  Then never live within the bond of slavery, my son.



The Chart of the True Brethren




plymm2“At the very least, the two communities, evangelicals and Mormons, have been … each other’s worst enemies,” said Richard Mouw, the former president of Fuller Theological Seminary and a longtime proponent of evangelical-Mormon dialogue.”

The Mormons and Evangelicals have been bitter enemies due to the differing visions they own for America. But lately, they are chilling out with one another so they can take on their real enemy, Secular America, and Secular Government, that they both believe has to be relieved of power so Jesus can do his thing.

One thing that really interests the Mormons, that the Evangelicals could care less about, is Genealogies. However, that might change after I inform the LDS research center that I am close to a family who descends from members of the Plymouth Brethren, King Malcome, William Wallace and Robert Bruce!



Here is an old post:

A religious cult has taken control of our Congress, and is attracting the votes of Orthodox Jews. Tonight I will be having dinner with my good friend, Mark Gall, who is a Jew. I used to take Mark’s mother to synagogue when she lived in Eugene. I may be the only Gentile at this dinner. Mark is in the bottom photo sitting next to our good friend, Ed Corbin, who married a Jew who was married to a member of the Rockefeller family. Ed and Mark attended Harvard at the same time, along with Tom Jones who was married to a Schlumberger. Ed’s ancestors on his mother’s side were important members of the Plymouth Brethren who gave birth the Evangelical cult who want to control the world.
Ed’s father suspected his daughter-in-law was a Cohen. If true, this would make Ed’s three sons, descendants of the priests of Israel. We are attending the showing of Cosmos Corbin’s film at the Hult Center with Bohemian types, some who were the Corbin’s homestead neighbors.
The Plymouth Brethren, John Darby & Francis Cavenagh
Three years ago I found the genealogy of Edward Corbin, the son of
Dr. Randal B. Corbin the head of the Mayo clinic. It was lying in a
decrepit box I had pulled from his storage room I was helping my
friend organize. Ed’s mother had sent it to him after his father
died. Ed’s mother’s maiden name was Wallace, she a descendant of this
famous and rebellious Scotsman.
As I glanced at it the name Plymouth Brethren caught my eye.
Engrossed I was reading about the Cavenagh family who were original
members of the Plymouth Brethren. This information was compiled by
Francis Cavenagh. I asked Ed if he knew what he had here? Being an
atheist he paid no attention to my excitement as I explained how
important this document was in regards to the founding of the
evangelical religion – and establishing a evangelical hegemony!
I told him Tim Lahaye was looking for all lost material on Plymouth
Brethren, and thus this might be a very valuable religious document –
especially when you know the evangelical took control of the
Congress, Senate, and White House. This is equivalent to a lost
Vatican document, a genealogy pf the founders of the Catholic church.
I told Ed;
“The Davinci Code is fiction, this is the real thing!”
I then tried to explain to him because his ex-wife was a Cohen, then
Ed’s three sons – who are Jewish – are candidates to serve in the
third temple the evangelicals say the Jews must rebuild so the
Rapture and End Times can take place. This is the teaching of John
Darby who was a Plymouth Brethren, and a good friend of John G.
When I got home I googled Cavanagh and Darby, and found a letter John
Darby addressed “My dear F Cavenagh,” I called up my good friend of
many years and told him about this letter Darby wrote that could make
his genealogy very valuable. Ed knew the nature of the book I was
authoring, that I claimed was “The real Davinci Code”. I asked him if
I could used this genealogy in my novel, and he said yes. Three days
later when I went to his house he said he could not find the
genealogy. I insisted he make a good search of his home – fearing he
might have thrown it out. When I returned several days later he told
me he may have given it one of his kids, or his ex-wife, Catrine. –
who as fate would have re-married a man who comes from a lineage of
Plymouth Brethren.
Today, October 27, 2007, I came upon my blog that discussed this
genealogy that was posted, and re-googled F. Cavenagh, and found gold
when this incredible information was revealed. Francis Cavenagh and
her husband were very close to J.B. Bellet and his niece who complied
the letters of her uncle, who tells of an incident he had just before
his death. Apparently Bellet had a vision of Satan with Francis
Cavenagh in the room;


ID: I4351
Name: Robert Bruce Wallace
Given Name: Robert Bruce
Surname: Wallace
Sex: M
Birth: 30 Aug 1870 in Windham Township, Norfolk Co. ONT CAN
Death: Aft 1920 in Pasadena, Los Angeles Co. CA
Change Date: 30 Nov 2008 at 09:54

1881 CAN ON>Norfolk North>Windham David B. Wallace 34 ON, Sarah C. 37 ON, Ethelda M. 11 ON, Robert B. 10 ON, Mabel R. 4 ON, Maggie 2 ON, Grace 1 ON, John A. ON, Robert Jones 30 ON labor, Charlotte Tate 38 ON

Marion Grace Wallace, Date of Birth: 7 Jul 1899, Gender: Female, Birth County: York, Father’s name: R Bruce Wallace, Mother’s name: Emelie S Cavenagh

d. 7/30/1899 of meningitis Toronto CAN


There are two men whose names were a clarion call to all Scots.
Robert the Bruce, who took up arms against both Edward I and Edward II of England and who united the Highlands and the Lowlands in a fierce battle for liberty: and a humble Lowland knight, Sir William Wallace.

Scottish Monarchs (400 AD – 1603)
The early Scottish Monarchs
Descendants of Malcolm III
Duncan II (r.1094)
Edgar (r. 1097-1107)
Alexander I (r.1107-1124)
David I (r. 1124-1153)
Malcolm IV (r. 1153-1165)
William I (r. 1165-1214)
Alexander II (r.1214-1249)
Margaret (r. 1286-1290)
Alexander III (r. 1249-1286)
The Competitors
John Balliol (r. 1292-1296)
William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland
Charles I (r. 1625-1649)

1910 CA>Los Angeles>Los Angeles Assembly District 71 Robert B. Wallace 39 CAN [imigrated 1901] oil business auditor, Emilie S. 37 IRE, Winnifred [Leonara] 9 CA, [Helen] Lucile 7 CA, [Ervol] Portia 5 mos CA, Elizabeth Stogdill 15 CAN nurse

1920 CA>Los Angeles>Pasadena Robert B. Wallace 49 CAN oil company accountant, Emelie S. 48 IRE, Winnifred 18 CA, Lucile 17 CA, Portia 10 CA

1930 CA>Los Angeles>Pasadena Emelie Wallace 59 IRE widow, Portia 21 CA

marriage information listed Robert Bruce Wallace as a merchant

Robert was deceased before his father David died 3/6/1930.

Ancestry Hints for Robert Bruce Wallace

4 possible matches found on Ancestry.com

Father: David Bruce Wallace b: 26 Dec 1846 in Townsend Township, Norfolk Co. ONT
Mother: Sarah Catherine Jones b: 4 Sep 1843 in Beverly Township, Wentworth Co. ONT CAN

Marriage 1 Emilie Susan Cavenagh b: 7 Jul 1871 in Ireland
Married: 13 Feb 1896 in Toronto, York Co. ONT CAN
Change Date: 30 Nov 2008

ID: I9170
Name: Emilie Susan Cavenagh
Given Name: Emilie Susan
Surname: Cavenagh
Sex: F
Birth: 7 Jul 1871 in Ireland
Death: 19 Apr 1952 in Pasadena, Los Angeles Co. CA
Change Date: 30 Nov 2008 at 09:53

Wikimedia Commons
There are disagreeing sides to the claim that Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, had help from the disbanded Knights Templar.

Most of the evidence points to the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 in which Robert defeating the English led by the now inept King Edward II.

Most of Hollywood focuses on William Wallace in the battles he led against the English during this time. Hollywood, however, gets many things wrong. For more info on the history of the battles and of William Wallace, read here.

Many claim that Robert the Bruce was not a great military leader and could not win his own battles without help. They point again to Wallace having to lead the charge against the English to get the Bruce to this point, and that Robert had failed a reported six times and had nearly given up before the seventh time when he won.

One such who supports the claim is Robert Ferguson, author of the book The Knights Templar And Scotland. Ferguson says, “There is now good evidence that a number of Templars, if not most of them, were aware that they were going to be arrested, and they escaped. There’s only two places they really could escape to, Portugal and Scotland.”

He adds “Given the battle plan that is commonly accepted for Bannockburn, I believe that the Templars were necessary. The existence of Templars at Bannockburn follows a consistent line of facts.”

In a book A to Z of the Knights Templar by Gordon Napier, he claims the since the Bruce was excommunicated by Pope Clement V for killing John “the Red” Comyn, he then looked favorably upon the Templars and gave refuge to them when their order was disbanded in 1307, seven years before Bannockburn.

However, these claims are disputed. One such is Helen Nicholson, a professor of history at Cardiff University. She claims “There are no records of any French-speaking knights appearing in Scotland in the early decades of the 14th century in a country where French speakers would certainly be noticed.”

She notes that the claim that Templars assisted the Scots against the English goes back to the 19th century. “The myth is being used to show that Robert the Bruce was a weak man who couldn’t win his own battles,” she said, “rather than the inspirational military leader that he was. I think that the Scots should be fighting this myth. Bruce’s battle plan at Bannockburn would have followed best contemporary practice which, as the Templars also did the same, would have meant that there were some elements in common. This does not mean that Bruce had actually met any Templars.”

But, when one looks, it is noted that the English were fighting the French at the same times as the Scots, and Wallace did go to France to seek aid, King Philip denied the aid at a time when the French were busy being beaten by the English themselves. But to say that any persons speaking French would have stood out in such a grand fashion would be folly. Also, not all Templars were French…

It is also noted that all of the trials of Templars were not held in Scotland, but rather south of the Firth of Forth, in English controlled territory.

We may not know for sure, as the Knights Templar is a very mysterious group after disbanded and their secrets may never be fully revealed as to what extent they may have helped change the world.

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