Trumped-up Anti-Abortion Bullshit

Evangelical Anti-Intellectuals and Propagandist have gotten their flock-voters to overlook Trump’s degeneracy, saying it is not as bad as the Democrats wanting to MURDER unborn babies, and, allow criminals to come across our borers and – MURDER the born! How about cut open the wombs of Christians women? This religious invasion of secular politics – is working! White women like to feel self-righteous more than white men. They are taught to hate smart white women who do not identify themselves as Christians. This is a means to ignore their own questions that threaten their Blind Faith. I demanded Christian leaders get out of the Abolitionist Republican party founded by my kindred. Many thought I was mad. I saw this coming. I read their bullshit, their master plan. They want secular government to FAIL! Wake up!

Rosamond Press


“In the course of one of the sessions, Weyrich tried to make a point to his Religious Right brethren (no women attended the conference, as I recall).

“Let’s remember, he said animatedly, that the Religious Right did not come together in response to the Roe decision. No, Weyrich insisted, what got us going as a political movement was the attempt on the part of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to rescind the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University because of its racially discriminatory policies.”

I suspect what is coming next, is a tape where Don Juan Trump says he is Pro-Abortion. I suspect Paul Ryan THE CATHOLIC, knows about this tape, and, may have considered using it. How about Pence?

Alas, we are hearing from Evangelical spokespeople who condemn Pumpy Trumpy, but, say they condemn Hillary for her “devotion to abortion”.  This is another diversion! This is FAKE MORALITY…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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