“see through” Cohen

Congressman Mark Green says Cohen does not know truth from fiction, and, is a liar out to save himself. He said the American People will see through Cohen. Why didn’t the President of the United State “see through” Cohen? Why didn’t Jeff Sessions “see through” Cohen? How about Franklin Graham and other evangelical leaders? Can’t they spot a ‘Snake in the Grass’ when they see one – with the Lord’s help? How many Republicans saw through Trump, before he became President? Jebb Bush, John McCain, and many others said Trump was a fraud.

Congressman Mark Green is a evangelical. How do I know this? He subscribes the THE BIG LIE the earth is about ten thousand years old – in spite of real proof THE BIBLE is not accurate, and indeed, it can be said the Bible is a fraud!

Mark Green will say anything to protect Trump because his evangelical base put him in office, after seeing their leaders stamp A LIAR with their seal of approval – and God’s seal of approval!

John Presco

Green self-identifies as a young earth creationist; in a 2015 lecture, he advanced the “irreducible complexity” argument.[38]

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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