Merritt – Sedgwick – Coakley

After we hear Cohen testify, the Republicans will not be able to employ their Law&Order Trick.
The Coakleys and the Angels
Posted on October 28, 2011
by Royal Rosamond Press

My Godfather, Sargeant Skip Sutter, led fifty Oakland Cops against the Hell’s Angels, raided their clubhouse with gloves on, and ended up in the hospital for a week. Skip and Vic went to Oakland High School, and were pals of Tom McKinny the ex-president of TransAmerica Title, who was dismissed for Loan Scams in the late seventies – along with Skip – who wanted my fahter to come sit atop the pryamid building in SF, too.
Above is a photo of me with my siblings, Mark and Christine taken in 1950. According to Stacey Pierrot, and Julie Lynch, I am looking at Christine in a suspicious manner, because I suspect she is hiding in a closet with a flashlight, competing with me to become a world famous artist! I mean, look at her. How old is she, and where is she? Can Julie tell us? How about, Showtime?
While real villians are bringing down the world, the Gallery Gargoyles go after a four year old boy – and demonize him! Are you kidding me!
Above is a photo of Andrew Cuomo of HUD who went after Lawrence Chazen, the No.1 creditor in Rosamond’s probate for Loan Sharking. He hauled off Christine’s antique furniture. Show time is not interested in Larry, a partner of the Getty and Pelosi family- just that evil little boy trying to get his share of the milk for his cereal. No wonder my nieces have mental problems, don’t have a very good grasp of reality! Guess who is to blame for that!!!!!!
Jon Presco
Copyright 2011
Coakley the Cailleach and the Oakland Cops
Having read all the Grimm¡¯s Fairytales when I was eleven, I can say
the best stories begin with the appearance of an Old Hag. Most
children of my generation expected to be approached, or beckoned by
an Old Hag, or Witch, at some time in their life, thanks to Walt
Disney, the darling of Rightwing Conservatives who had the hots for
Davey Crockett, who would give the Republicans ‘Frontier America’

Rosamond Press

The Sedgwick family married into the Samuel Merritt family a mayor of Oakland who made Lake Merritt where Bill Arnold and I spent most of our time, he living a block away on Athol. Kay Coakley befriended the Presco children, she the daughter of J. Francis Coakley, Oakland’s famous DA who went after Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement, Huey Newton and the Black Panthers, as well as bootleggers and prostitutes in Emeryville. I believe Coakley kept Rosemary out of jail after she was busted for making porno movies for Big Bones Remmer. The Coakleys claim they descend from Fair Rosamond.

Kay had a huge landscap of Lake Merritt in her dining room that should have been in a museum. Rosemary told her children the Coakley family owned allot of property around this lake.

J. Frank Coakley
James Francis Coakley was born and raised in Oakland, California, and educated…

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