Killer Tower Kills Art Dealer

The Cal Barrel Company Tower was already famous before Associate Capital bought it. Visionaires are real people with real power. Want to see?

Rosamond Press

Towers are people – too! Donald Trump commissioned Andy Warhol to do a portrait of Trump Tower, and got stiffed. Donald claimed his fake Renoir, is real. The President owns another Renoir reproduction ‘La Loge’ that hung in Melania’ s office. The Human that died in The Tower of Doom was an art dealer, and son of Jules Brassner, who was arrested for recieving stolen art. Warhol did Todd Brassner’s portrait. Wow! Will someone please drain the Art Swamp!

I will be contacting the FBI in regards to the two Renoirs. Perhaps both are the real deal, and, Trump came by them in some secret, fake, deal. The FBI just raided Trump’s attorney’s office. Uh-oh! Get on the Art-money Trail, where I have been since 1994. I smell art tax right-offs and money laundering.

Because President Trump was blessed by Evangelicals, whose attorneys declared Hobby Lobby, a person, I am…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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