The Gideon Computer – The End

I began ‘The Gideon Computer’ in 1987. Alas, it is FINIS. In the Bohemian War of the Worlds, do we Bohemians – lose again? We always appear to lose. I can not tell you in a public forum, how, and why we lose, because, it will be used against us. For this reason we are going underground. You will know in your heart if you are one of us.

Winning is not everything. Mad Donald Trump has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt. He has been compared to Mad King George who descends from the King and Queen off Bohemia! He has isolated his citizen consumers from Europe, doing what Putin wanted him to do. Our President is a Co-Terrorist. He is Big Brother. He is the King of Fake News. Amazon and Facebook, are not god. This may be the first fictional story about a computer, that came true. This give all computers a human quality it did not own before. We all want our dreams to come true. But, do we dare keep score.

For thirty years I told my friends the Gideon was writing itself, employing new social media. Wikipedia has been a great help to me. Meg Whitman is a Republican. Their hobby is to own all the money, all the real-estate, all the words, all the art, all the history. They have to leave us at least 3% so we have a clue. Quibi will be selling %3 percent of a movie, when we used to get 100%. Millions of megabites of Creative Words, will be wiped out. It is more important to be on the A Team, and, be against something, then to be for something.

In reading my science fiction novel, use the time Orson Welles read War of the Worlds on the radio. Many folks thought it was real. In the War of Words I have been conducting, I try to employ History, Arts and Literature, and Historic Media-Fiction. Russian Hackers employed these – things!

What is disheartening, even soul-shattering, is the real notion we are being examined, and those who are found being – true to themselves – are moved to an exclusion list.  Real face to face encounters allow us to see people being true, and, not true.

When you listen to War of the Worlds, please note what you are using. We all are born with a Innocent Imagination. Our Divine Imaginations allow us to be more than a observer. There is an entity in us all, that fills in the empty spaces. When we read, a world opens up to us. If they wanted to make us, and keep us, their prisoner, then, they will be wanting to outlaw our imaginations, make them dirty and ugly. They do not want us to own what drives starships to distant stars, and………Inner Space!

I bid my loyal readers to put my entire blog on a Cloud and send me an e-mail. Meg was the head of Hewllett Packard and knows the best hackers. My e-mail is secure, for now. If this bog disappears, then look for the clue and key in the cave of Patmos.

We knew each other in a past-life. I did my best to make her a famous Torch Singer. I failed. She will never forgive me. She will purchase the world to make sure my book is a failure, never reaches the market.


I will see you at the End of the World Bohemian Café. We will recognize each other. We will be gazing into each other’s eyes, with – love! From our mouths and minds, flow words and real opinions.  We will be holding hands.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press & California Barrel Company Apparel

P.S. I just discovered Gregory Penner of Wal-Mart is Meg’s partner in Qubi. What does that tell you? All those busy young thumbs, working away on the smart phones, making money for Gregory and Meg – and not getting paid a cent! You got to laugh! The CBCLCC discovery is a Major Glitch! Read the terms of use. They got fifty attorneys on their side. There has to be a conflict of interest. San Francisco Redevelopment workers are paid with The People’s Taxes. We the People got laws. We are – people too!

Wal-Mart! What a joke! Watch away with the Wal-Mart Community!

The glass ball shatters……………..The bubble, bursts!

“Wal-mart! Fucking Wal-mart! Why did I do it?”

The bubble, bursts, and, a Quickie Movie critic…………is born. Go ahead, push the “submission” button. It won’t do anyone any good, it is…………FINIS!

Dear Governor Newsom:

I am trying to find out who owns the California Barrel Company LLC. Meg Whitman is investing money in the Potrero Plant Redevelopment in some manner. I would like to see the Deed. Shouldn’t it be on file? Public Opinion has been solicited and received.

My grandfather was a Director of the real California Barrel Company, and he sold barrels. The history of William F. Broderick is copyrighted, and will appear in my autobiography. My late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, married Garth Benton, who was a friend of Lawrence Chazen and Gordon Getty. Perhaps you saw the mural Gath rendered in the Getty Home? Garth did the murals at the Getty Villa.  I am kin to the Getty family via my second cousin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. Her son married Aileen Getty.

Another concern, is, Meg Whitman is working with Jeffrey Katzenberg on a plan to make mini-movies for cellphone users. Will mini-books and galley visits be next? How about simulated mini-tours of France and Italy? Let’s not leave out the Smithsonian, that some say takes a week to take in. Will young people soon be able to say they quickly took in all these things, and claim they enjoyed – their experience – fully? This is like the ‘King’s Clothes’. It’s like selling…….Thin Air! Our Young will keep coming back for more Brain Booster hits. Who can eat just one Quickie Potato Chip?

This has all the ear-markings of a cult. They say you are special, and a member of the inner closed circle, but, this is a lie. Quibi just wants you as a customer. They want – your money!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


You have successfully sent your message. Click here to return.Thank you for the message – your feedback and ideas are a priority to me and my administration. Californians like you are helping us build an even stronger Golden State, and I thank you. Your comments are being reviewed by my staff. Please allow some time for us to get back to you as we build an inclusive, responsive, and people-powered government. I encourage you to revisit my website in the coming days to learn about what my administration is doing to keep our state moving forward and to expand opportunity to every Californian.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback and helping us shape California’s future.

Governor Gavin Newsom

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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