The Pyre of The Woodminster

Joaquin Miller built a pyre where he wanted fellow members of the Bohemian Club to cremate his body after death. This was an attempt to lure the Quinotaur to the watery  home they made for him. From the Hights, they could see the rising tower of Portreo. On a certain night, copper was poured into the furnace under the boiler, and a bluish green flame shot a hundred feet into the air! This constitutes the first lightshow.

On the night of October 8, 1962, The Ballet Bolero was danced in the Woodminster amphitheater. At the same time, the Dance of the Owl was being performed at the Potrero Electric plant. The attempt to raise Baphomet, failed, but the consciousness of the entire Bay Area, was raised – up! We could not get – high enough!

The Family Stone lived together in the Oakland Hills. They played at WOODSTOCK!

If Meg Whitman has affixed her name to the CBCLLC Deed, or, knows the owners, she must call for a news conference, and confess her ignorance, and the ignorance of the team who works for her. She should call up her allies at Dreamworks, and let them know she erringly tapped into The Source, that can’t be capped like an oil well, for the benefit of a few. The High and Mighty Owl wings home, and, a shadow cross the face of the moon.

Long Live the Bohemian Wood Empire!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Woodminster Amongst the Redwoods








I was twelve when I came upon the Woodminster amphitheater. I was put in a trance by what I beheld. I sensed I had entered the real world, the one I belonged in. Juanita Miller was the visionary for this outdoor theatre where plays inspired by her father were performed. Redwoods were planted around Woodminster. George Miller planted many trees in his visionary city, Fairmount. Nearby, my great grandfathers had picnics. Note the rifle hanging in the tree. The Stuttmeister farm lie just below this structure that is right out of Lord of the Rings.

Jon Presco

Woodminster Cascade flows from the base of Woodminster Theatre and falls over 100 feet through a series of pools. The cascade and theatre were conceived by Juanita Miller, daughter of Joaquin Miller, and were constructed by the Works Progress Administration as a memorial to California writers and poets. During their construction in 1939-40, William Penn Mott was starting his career with the Oakland Parks & Recreation Department. He was responsible for the original landscaping, roads, parks and picnic grounds in the area we are now working to restore.” –

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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