Radio Captains Courageous

Save our Bohemian Lifestyle! We need to form a guild and company to build our dwellings. Boycott those developers who only pay us lip service, because they are taking over everything with their army of Phone-Bots.

We need the Bohemian Free Radio Ship anchored in the Bay. We need to make and sell old fashioned Japanese radios that only gets one channel – our channel!

Our Bohemian Pirate Ships will be anchored in every body of water near every large city. All proceeds of the sale of our Bohemian Pirate Radios, will go into our Bohemian Bank!

No longer will we be – fenced out! Turn off Quibi before they get started – and take the BoHo shirt off our back! Tune in the Authentic Human Being Show!

I declare Bohemianism a religion!

“And the Lord looked upon their nakedness, and because they partake of the forbidden tree, he made the first barrel to hide their nakedness! It was a Bohemian Barrel. And He saw that it was good.”

The Book of Captain John Chapt: 1 verse 9

Captain John Presco

President: California Barrel Company Apparel

Copyright 2018

“Bohemianism is the fastest growing new religion/lifestyle in the world, though its origins date back to ancient history. It contains elements of theology, ideology, mythology, and spirituality. Bohemianism is also a way of life and focuses on the individual and his or her impact on the world. The connection with mythology is that if a human being “jumps onto life’s pages in full color”, he or she will create legends similar to the heroes of ancient world mythologies. ”

ca 1915: cheeky woman on beach wearing nothing by a barrel. USA


In late 2018, Meg Whitman announced that she was to be the first employee and CEO of Jeffrey Katzenberg‘s new video streaming platform Quibi. [49]. The platform will specialize in original, short-form content designed for smartphones. Katzenberg and Whitman have sold the idea as a mobile-based Netflix. Their investors include Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony, Viacom, and AT&T’s newly-rebranded WarnerMedia.[50]

Rosamond Press

Church, State and the Pirate Ship Saga

By Neil Earle

Radio Caroline was the first of the offshore “pirate ships” beaming into Britain, though the idea had been tried off California and elsewhere in the 1930’s.

(Jingle) “Radio London reminds you: Go to the Church of your choice.”


(Announce, loudly): “THE WORLD TOMORROW! Garner Ted Armstrong brings you the plain truth about today’s world news with the prophecies of the World Tomorrow!

(GTA): “And greetings friends, this is Garner Ted Armstrong with the good news of the World Tomorrow. World leaders admit that they are frightened, that they are engaged in a fantastic nightmare. They’re scared. They don’t know what to do. They’re wondering what is going to happen in the future and none of them really know.”

This was a typical opener for a “World Tomorrow” radio show beaming down on millions of Englishman in the Greater…

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