Stewart Family Tree and Antionette Erasmus

Here is what they are hiding! I informed Jimmy Rosamond of my discovery and he asked me if he could share it with his cousin. I gave him permission. I should have kept this to myself.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Royal Stewart Family Tree » Count Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Erasmus

Personal data Count Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Erasmus Male

Source 1

  • He was born about 1410 in England.
  • He died in Midlothian, Scotland.

Household of Count Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Erasmus

He had a relationship with Princess Erkinger I Baron Of Schwarzenberg Barbara Von Abensberg


He had a relationship with Mrs. Erasmus


Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus

Personal data Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus Female

Source 1

  • She was born in the year 1425 in England.
  • She died in the year 1460 in England, she was 35 years old.

Ancestors (and descendant) of Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus

Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus


Sir John Robert Wilson

William Wilson

Household of Princess “ada” Antoinette Erasmus

She is married to Sir John Robert Wilson in the year 1449 at Midlothian, Scotland, she was 24 years old.


  1. William Wilson  1435-1500 Tree 7


Antoinette Erasmus

Also Known As: “Ada”
Birthplace: Scotland
Death: 1460 (35)
Immediate Family: Wife of John Wilson
Managed by: Mary S Newton
Last Updated:



John Wilson

Also Known As: “Robert”
Birthplace: Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Death: 1475 (50)
Cupar, Fife, Scotland (also known as Robert)
Immediate Family: Son of Thomas Wilson and Elizabeth Robinson
Husband of Antoinette Erasmus and Antoinette Erasmus
Father of Sir John Wilson, Kt., Burgess of Fife
Managed by: Dalest Wendy Bruce
Last Updated:

Jimmy Rosamond <>

To:John Ambrose

Jul‎ ‎15‎, ‎2018 at ‎5‎:‎30‎ ‎AM

Thanks for the info. It’s going to take me a few days to digest all this. The old brain isn’t a agile as it once was.


Just FYI, I’m forwarding my first cousin Ken Stedman your emails. Ken is the son of my father’s sister, Jewel Christine Rosamond. Hope this is OK with you. Ken and I are both 3rd cousins once removed to you.

John Ambrose <>

To:Jimmy Rosamond

Jul‎ ‎15‎, ‎2018 at ‎1‎:‎34‎ ‎PM

I thought JANE LEE was the connection to the Culpepers, but. I may be wrong. Jimmy, what you are going to see – is huge! It is worth a book. We are kin to everyone, including the Windsor Saxe-Coburg. Rev. William Wilson is buried with royals because he is a royal. I am going to try to get an article published. You can share this with Jewel if he is not writing a book. But, this is over the top! 

John Presco

Sarah Wilson Rosamond and House of Schwarzenberg

ohn Ambrose <>

To:John Ambrose

Jul‎ ‎15‎, ‎2018 at ‎7‎:‎03‎ ‎PM

FOUND IT…….The Jane Lee link. Jimmy, share this info with whomever you want. I never believed the Rosamond Coat of Arms is ours. I m going to design one, and seek your approval.

Best Regards

John Presco

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