Zabriskie – The Musical

There is an old photo of a Borax warehouse in Eugene.

Back to Zabriskie Point

briskie2 briskie4melpoint

Christian Brevoort Zabriskie was born at Fort Bridger in Wyoming Territory, where his father, Capt. Elias B. Zabriskie, was stationed. The Zabriskie family descended from Albrycht Zaborowski (Albert Zabriskie), a Polish immigrant from Angerburg (Wegorzewo) in Ducal Prussia, who settled in New Jersey in 1662 alongside a Dutch community.[1] Young Zabriskie attended various schools while growing up and at a very early age went to work as a telegrapher for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad at Carson City, Nevada. He was too restless and ambitious to stay in one place for very long and soon moved to Candelaria, Nevada, and worked for the Esmeralda County Bank.

Rosamond Press

“I say hello to Nancy and the artists. I think about the Chicano Artist Sanctuaries I am thinking of founding.”

I wrote the above two days ago. I am seeing into the future. Trump’s good squad own guns and see themselves as cowboys. He is supplying them with targets. Hippies were a favorite target of the Republican-right. We were ‘The Savage Indians’.  We were hunted!

The pardon of Sheriff Joe checked so many boxes for what we know about how Trump views the world and operates that, in retrospect, it was utterly predictable.

This morning I awoke carrying a heavy load. I dreamed I was in a warehouse in New York choosing old props from a play that had failed, or, was never fully produced. Something went wrong. Now, I was the savior of this play. I heard someone say;

“This is an extremely difficult project. This guy gets…

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