Are Sande Greene & Robert Buck – Friends?

In 1994, I asked Shannon who lived in the famous house Christine stayed in she said, Sande Green who was married to a billionaire. She got that wrong, Alan Fox owned this house. He’s almost a billionaire, who formed an art trust around his mother. Robert Breevort Buck is almost a billionaire, and owns the lawfirm that handled the Rosamond creative legacy. Add Alan Pierrot’s money, and, one must wonder why Tom Snyder was hired as a ghost writer to write the biography of a world famous woman artist. Did they get a good deal on this writer? Are these rich people – insane?

Snyder wrote a travel-log book on Route 66. That was his claim to fame. Our President won’t read his daily briefing, and tells our top brass to go back to school. I have lived on $720 month for many years, and have not gotten a Christmas card from any of these inept fuckers. They hate me – because I am poor! I can not be a part of their Horny Money Circle-Jerk!

Rosamond Press

Because Vicki Presco refused to tell me who lived in that famous house at Rocky Point, and, who invited our sister to stay there, I get to air my best guess. My family, and interested outsiders, are blown away with my powers of deduction. I was told so little, because a biography of Rosamond was discussed, in her home, the day after she died. Knowing her artwork was not selling like it used to, there were dollar signs in their eyes – now that Christine was dead! They had visions of seeing ‘The Caretakers’ up on the silver screen, it now safe to let the world know – who they are!

Above is the guest house where Shamus and Vicki spent the night. From those big windows you can look down on the cove where Christine was swept into the sea. You do not need to go down there to…

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