Bank of Lakota Revisited

I call for a new Ghost Dance.

Rosamond Press


I am sick to death of the Tiny Family Networking Power Plays in this Clannish town.  You get a few friends to agree with you, and you go on the warpath for any reason what-so-ever.

Above is a pic of me and Gloria. She was close with the White Panthers, a brother and sister legal team. I would be over their house and hear them talking about their court dates, and their legal strategy to get Huey, and Angela out of jail.

I have a very bad feeling about this coming election – and debates. You all have got to get off your comfy reservations and hog farms, and vote like you live in a big city.

Jon Presco

Bank of Lakota

Bank of Lakota and God Message List Nov. 27, 2008
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Bank of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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