Family Unity

Yesterday, my niece Shannon Rosamond Benton, informed me via facebook message, that my surviving sister, Vicki Presco, suffered a severe stroke and is Assisted Living. She can no longer take care of herself, or, our niece Drew, whom Shannon came and rescued. They are now living together.

Shannon sent me a beautiful and sane message that gave me much hope. I sent Vicki an e-mail informing her of the shattering betrayal and coverup our mother engineered, that devastated her children – and grandchildren. But, we did not know it then. Her blows were delivered with love, and much cunning. We suspected something went terribly wrong. It took me fifty years t find out, what.

I told my little sister she can come home to San Sebastian and be one with the Happy Memories  she and her three siblings made. They were there for a little while. Our healthy state of being was created by the Magical Sanity we longed for and deserved! It was sustained by abandoned Children who rarely saw their mother. In the morning we used to line upside her bathroom to get our report cards singed, and other official school stuff. We did not deserve our insane and abusive alcoholic parents, who tortured us in every way. If they just – stayed away! They could write the landlord a check, and send us food money. Cash only, because we did not own a bank account.

Last night I told my friend and neighbor, Sandy, about Vicki and the abuse we suffered. She was shocked! She is attending her father’s funeral today. Her parents were normal and nurturing. I told her;

“We four Presco Children grew up in the dark aspects of the Pinocchio story. We were raised in Jackass City, while you, were raised in Candyland!”

Sandy has a great laugh. I make her laugh. She told me if our story was a movie she would go see it. If it was a book, she would not be able to put it down.

“We sew big pockets in our jacket and shoplifted when we went grocery shopping with Rosemary. We stole lightbulbs, steaks, razorblades, and shaving cream. We couldn’t have beards in school.”

Marilyn is also supportive of my book and movie. She knows how I suffered to have no one to write my story – to! Shannon mentioned a aspect of our Family Tree that she read in my blog. She acknowledged I took her side and is appreciative. She recited some fond memories I had given her when she was young.

I made a mistake by not writing Our Story months after Christine died. This would have locked out the outside parasites. I tried to get my daughter and her family behind me when I called for a reunion at Vicki’s house so we can establish A Sane Family Legacy. Heather sabotaged our Unity. So did the Bulkleys. They used the mental illness in our family to disqualify us. So did the Probate Court. When our story becomes a Best Seller, there will be an accounting and a redemption.

Vicki told me our brother, Mark Presco, divorced himself from our family, and disappeared himself. I am sure he is not there for Vicki. This makes me the head of the family. The biography I author, and the movie made from my book, will be the legacy I leave to Shannon and Drew so they can continue to help and comfort one another, which will give Vicki much peace of mind. Anyone who would come between Our New Unity and Peace of Mind, will be added to the list of Dark Villains who sabotaged The Children of San Sebastian Avenue.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

All family photographs fall under my copyright.

Copyright 2018

A person with mental illness can serve as Executor.

Mental Health Rights

Mental Health Rights

People living with mental health conditions are people. They have people they love, activities they enjoy, and dreams for their lives. As people, they deserve to be treated with dignity, and under the law they have rights and protections.

Unfortunately, it has long been the case that individuals with mental health conditions are among the most abused and discriminated against in our country. From leaving people to languish in overcrowded state hospitals to lobotomies and forced sterilization, the treatment of those with mental health conditions is a dark stain on our history as a nation.

While we have come a long way, abuse and discrimination continue to be serious problems today. The shackling or restraining of children, keeping people out of work, and denying access to services are just a few examples of the way we continue to fail the 1 in 5 Americans that has a diagnosable mental health disorder.

This is not just a small issue for a small group of people: half of all Americans will experience a diagnosable mental health condition in their lifetime. If it is not us being directly impacted, it is likely that it will be our family members, friends, or loved ones– whether we know it or not. Beyond struggles in education or employment, we see the loss of human dignity and even human life for the people we love and care about when we do not work to address abuses in the system.

For Mental Health America, the fight against abuse and discrimination is essential to our history and continues to guide our work. MHA’s symbol, which sits in our national office, is the Bell of Hope cast from the chains and shackles that were used to restrain individuals in old state hospitals. As an organization, MHA is committed to the principles of human and civil rights inherent to the concept of equal justice under the law. This includes the rights of persons with mental health and substance use conditions to:

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    All families like to see themselves equal with other families. The Haffner had to see the Presco’s as being inferior after the scoured our family information for signs that Jesus was on our side. They squealed for joy when they learned were were not Jesus Freaks.

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