My Daughter Is A White Nationalist

Rosamond Press

When Bill Cornwell and my daughter called me a “parasite” on the phone because I get SSI and food stamps, I knew my suspicions were true, they are both White Nationalists. Heather told me Bill’s father was a retired cop, a ex-drill sergeant, and, a Tea Party Patriot. She mentioned he was full of moral and high ideals, but, did not go into detail. He came to Santa Rosa and met Patrice Hanson who had a child by a Black Panther. I wondered how that went over. As usual, I was the last person my daughter confided in. And then I only got hints, clues, so as to keep our fake bond, alive!

Bill and his father were now on a mission to take my blue-eyed grandson from me. They had looked at my facebook and seen my Zulu Nazarites. Santa Rosa has long been a hotbed of racism against…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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