Wieneke Born In Verl and Detmold Germany

My grandmother’s people.

Rosamond Press

The Wieneke family has it roots in Verl and Detmold Germany. Members of the Wieneke family are buried here, and still live here. There is a riding club here. Lara Roozemond live 130 miles away. I had a dream about DNA. Will another Roozemond marry a Wieneke? Look at all the cousins I have in Detmold!

Did William Morris look at Hermann when he wrote ‘The House of Wolfings’? Sound like Lara playing the piano, in hope one day her hero will come.

ANSWER! Yes he did! I will never be that lonely again!

My Pre-Raphaelite hero, William Morris, based much of his material on the battle Teutoburg Forest. Everyone in the region owes me a debt of gratitude for raising them up, and giving the Protection of Hrosmund!

I spent eight hours yesterday looking for actors to play Frodo Pharamond and Rosamond. Lara Roozemond is – the…

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