How Many Muses In the World?

I posted this in Jan of 2014. They have not made the movie and series about the Getty kidnapping. Trump’s lewd remarks were captured in 2005. Most evangelicals did not care and voted for him. Did Rena and her husband? Why? The FBI is suggsting Trump and Putin hijacked our elections – and nation!

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Prescos 1975 Greg, Christine, Shannon, Vicki & Rosemary





There are not many recognized Muses in the world. Why Rena Easton attacks and destroys her recognition as a Muse I believe has a lot to do with her fear, and thus paranoia, she describes in her letter. To ask to be enshrined in my ‘Muse Hall of Fame’ and then make a report that I am stalking her, is strange and destructive. I have to assume her Redneck un-educated husband got jealous, and paranoid, also. Why wouldn’t he enjoy owning bragging rights? I have to proceed in hope their paranoia, subsides. Real history does not get erased because folks are afraid. I feel sorry for Rena, but I will not allow her to destroy my work. My memories of Rena long ago are my memories. She does not get to erase my memories. Our visit to the Museum in Nebraska – was inspired!

Garth Benton and Christine Rosamond would…

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