Crush Christnik Crusade

I posted this March 1, 2014. I was called insane and dangerous!

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<> on March 1, 2014 in Simferopol, Ukraine.


Not since the Crusade against the Bohemian pre-Protestants of Prague has Europe seen a Holy Crusade like the one launched by the Russian church, and their allies, the Neo-Confederate Christniks.

Jon the Nazarite

The Hussite Wars, also called the Bohemian Wars or the Hussite Revolution, were fought between the Hussites (followers of Bohemian religious dissenter Jan Hus) and various monarchs who sought to enforce the authority of the Roman Catholic Church against the Hussites, and also between Hussite factions. These wars lasted from 1419 to circa 1434.

The Hussite community included most of the Czech population of the Kingdom of Bohemia, and formed a major military power. They defeated several “crusades” proclaimed against them by the Pope, and intervened in the wars of neighboring countries. The Hussite Wars were notable for the extensive use of early hand-held firearms such as hand cannons.

The fighting ended after 1434, when…

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