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How old was this guy who got attacked? We need a Senior Patrol. We can spot the real bad guys – and girls!


SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield man was assaulted and robbed outside of Fred Meyer on Q Street in Springfield Thursday evening.

It happened in the parking lot on the east side of the store. A man said he walked out, started getting in his car and then a couple jumped in and started beating him.

“All of a sudden, the passenger door opens up,” Jordan Fleming said. “He comes flying in, started swinging.”

While speaking exclusively to KEZI 9 News, Fleming said the man then started choking him.

“He got me in a headlock, so he’s behind my passenger — driver side seat, he’s got me in a headlock and I pass out,” Fleming said.

As he was coming back around, Fleming said a woman was going through his pockets.

“She’s digging through all my stuff, digging through my pockets, went through my wallet, stole like $500 and she’s screaming at him, ‘I got the money, let’s go,'” Fleming said.

However, Fleming said the man wouldn’t let up.

“I slip out of the headlock and get outside on the ground,” Fleming said. “He comes out and starts kicking me in the head and body and stuff, and they eventually take off.”

That couple only took off when they did because bystander Connie Clayton stepped in to help out.

“But he just kept kicking him, even though my presence was there,” Clayton said. “So, I just started yelling at him and telling him to get off him and leave him alone.”

Clayton said when she saw what was happening, she had to step in.

“I don’t — they kept kicking him, so I don’t know what they would’ve done if someone would’ve just ignored it,” Clayton said. “So, I’m just glad he listened and walked away.”

Fleming said he couldn’t be more grateful.

“This dude is like 6’2″, at least 200 pounds and obviously violent,” Fleming said. “So, for an older lady like that to come out here and try to stop that was pretty cool.”

Springfield police said they have a good idea of who these people are, and are currently working on locating those two subjects.

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