Homeless Alcoholics 207 OCCUPY 0

I took the microphone and warned fellow members of OCCUPY to not champion the Homeless. I knew what they are getting into. To these liberal do-gooders, it was obvious. There are the Poor Homeless Victims, and there are the Selfish Housed Demons. I wanted to take the Post Offices. If we had, we would be the only branch of Government open. We could be paying the salaries of the 800,000 Government Workers. We would be a Independent Branch – the People’s Office.

The average alcoholic will affect the lives of fifty people around them. There is no cure. I feel for this father and son. Belle’s Bunch took on a Alcoholic in Recovery, who did not go down easy. Indeed, I never touched the mat. A twenty-four year old woman thought she could police the homeless – and then some! OCCUPY should have called the Chief up and asked how they handle the homeless drunks. They wanted to prove they could do a better job. Harely would be alive, if they called in the police. But, then his father would have to deal with his son, which he couldn’t anymore. He gave up. He was powerless over his son’s disease. Now they are gone. How they suffered. How Christine and I suffered.

The Kimite Tribe let out a collective moan when I said I was going to call the police. They didn’t want them brought in, because they got their Guilty Man.  Now it was time for some fun. They didn’t understand I grew up in the trenches. My parents were alcoholic and rageaholics. Every Saturday morning the four Presco Children would head for their designated surrogate family. Playing with their children, the parents would look at us with pity as the heard the ugly cussing coming from our Home of Hate. Their ongoing battle echoed thru the canyon. These parents were convince we would grown up to be axe murders. When Christine became a famous artist, many people were not happy. They fought her because they deserved to be famous. Snyder’s biography put a bloody axe in Rosamond’s hands, and, another bloody axe in my hand, because I was her teacher.

Belle, Alley, Monroe, Kim, and the Haffners, went after my dead sister who died on her first sober birthday. There are others. What a crazy thing to do. We both were homeless. I have thirty years of sobriety. Come snatch this coin out of my hand – if you can!

John Presco



Police said Friday morning that Rick Adam Youngblood, 54, of Florence has died. They did not know when he died.

Police and Occupy medics gave CPR to Youngblood at the scene on Monday night. He was found injured from a fight sometime between 10:40 p.m. (according to police) or close to midnight (according to Occupiers).

Harley Youngblood’s distinctive voice, warm personality informed, entertained

Youngblood had a passion for radio and a lifelong history working in broadcasting beginning in Portland in the late 1940s.

Initially starting out as a DJ, Youngblood went on to become music director at KISN Radio and eventually spent time working as an on-air personality in television at KOIN-TV in Portland.

Youngblood made his way back to radio in the late sixties and worked in various on-air and managerial capacities at radio stations in Eugene, Coos Bay, Salem and Vancouver, Wash., over the next 30 years.

Youngblood moved to Florence to retire in the 1990s, but his retirement was short-lived.

This change in plans was precipitated by Jon Thompson, Coast Radio owner and general manager.

Thompson said he met the retired Youngblood in a barber shop in Florence in the late ’90s and coaxed him out of retirement at the age of 71.

“Harley was truly an extraordinary person. I met him in the chair at Joe’s Barber Shop back in the late ’90s when I still needed haircuts. He had recently retired but was interested in getting back into local radio,” Thompson remembers. “I hired him on the spot to read the local news. He would eventually fill several different part time positions at the station over the next 18 years, most recently working with Calista Cates on the KCFM morning show.” 

Thompson points out that, like many who have retired to Florence, Youngblood had a tremendous professional background and a skill set that can be  an asset to local businesses

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