Belle Agreed To Be My Model

I have tried to replace Belle Burch as my muse, but, she stalks me on facebook and warns my friends that I am a heart-breaker who lures young women into my web with my sister’s bio.

Rosamond Press

Alley Valkyrie and Kim Haffner had a fit of raging jealousy because I pay more attention to Belle, then them. The glass slipper, fits!

Sensing I was honoring her, the Beautiful Beggar Waif, plotted on how to extract some nickels from my writing so she can feed them into the Nickelodeon and view the wonderful French Dancing Girl who she emulated. Dancing her way up the path to the castle where live her prince, Belle projected herself in her place. She betrayed the old writer. She put a witch on him. She wanted him destroyed. This is how the best Fairytales go.

The old writer survived the curse and wrote a play about Beautiful Belle. Passing by the theatre, she read her name, and saw her likeness on the poster. If only she could afford to buy a red dress. Finding a open door in the alley, she snuck in…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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