She Said He Said Bad Acid Test

I found the account of the acid trip the Beatles went on with two members of the Byrds and Peter Fonda. I believe most of it is bullshit, but, George saying;

“I feel like I am dying.”

This is a common thing to say. We used the Tibetan Book of the Dead as a guide for our first trips. The Beatles wanted experienced Guides. McGuinn and Crosby came out of the New Balladeer. Here’s why you would choose Sane&Grounded members of the Byrds to take you on a Calm&Collected Acid Trip. Read my bullshit first, because, I may be the only person who died on LSD, and lived to tell about it. Perhaps I should pen a Death Hit?

Bryan MacLean turned me on to pot in 1963. We were seventeen. He drove his Morris Minor to the top of a hill, and had me inhale deeply into a Santa Anna Blow. On the way down the windy road, I say;

“The car has disappeared. We are sitting on air as these giant balls of white light pass thru us. There’s just a steering wheel in your hand. The lightballs are gathering on top of the mountain. For what purpous, I don’t know. Why are we descending into the Evil City. Turn around! Let us be one with the Light Balls!”

I had Bryan in stiches. When we got to level ground he pulled the Morris over and ran into the bushes to take a pee. I now know I was tuning into my rich religious DNA. My kin commissioned Bosch. Salvador Dali became my hero when I was twelve. I read his autobiography when I was fourteen. I took his lessons on how to manipulate reality, seriously. Stoned, and at the mercy of pot hallucinations, I was able to step out of the reality, and manipulate it. Bryan and I were in a art class together. We were the school artists. We got each other. We agreed, most everything was…….unreal.

The original Twilight Zone would be on T.V. till 1964. Serling was another of my heroes. He sent me Beatle Blabber from the Zone. Bryan learned to swim in Elizabeth Rosemond’s Taylor’s pool. His father made that pool. He was Wilding’s Godfather. Here is the last show. This is……….The Hippie Portal! The Beatles tripped at the wrong house, by the faux pool………to know-where-ville, man!

“A swimming pool not unlike any other pool, a structure built of tile and cement and money, a backyard toy for the affluent, wet entertainment for the well-to-do. But to Jeb and Sport Sharewood, this pool holds mysteries not dreamed of by the building contractor, not guaranteed in any sales brochure. For this pool has a secret exit that leads to a never-neverland, a place designed for junior citizens who need a long voyage away from reality, into the bottomless regions of the Twilight Zone. “

Paul did not take acid. He was terrified something was going to go wrong. This known Control Freak, was on standby, on guard. If he heard Geroge say he was dying, he problably freaked and wanted to call an ambulance, get them there, fast, before George OD’d on drugs. This is exactly what he feared would go wrong. They were at Zsa Zsa Gabor’s house. He saw the front page, of George’s body taken out of a famous movie stars house to the morgue as the Byrds look on.  There goes the Million Dollar Baby!

“Bummer, man!”

Stoned, Bryan took me around to meet several of his girlfriends. They, and their mothers, adored Bryan. Here he is with his handsome friend. What are we doing? Where are we going?

“Are those cameras on the bottom of the choppers? Are we on T.V.? Did they call the ambulance? Is George dying? MAKE IT GO AWAY! Oh God why did I let my pals take LSD. I destroyed us. We are done! We’re DEAD! The evil press with crucify us. Oh shit! We are going to jail for MURDER! We murdered George. Wait – they murdered George – those Byrd guys! That’s the ticket. They lured George to his doom! I hate L.A. Too much drama!”

Having taken enough acid trips, I know George’s feeling he was going to die, lasted hours. I suspect there was panic. They didn’t want the cops coming to the house. Calming Paul down, is key!

“Get that phone out of his hand, before he shoots someone with it!”

Fonda would try to level George’s bad trip, out. He might have said he died, but, came back to life. Peter probably related this – on other acid trips. Paul may have told Peter that he is bumming George out, and not helping anyone be normal – like he is.  John gets angry. The Byrds are disgusted. Just because you are the Beatles does not mean you are going to have a good trip.

I doubt they kept finding girls. I suspect Peter and the Byrds brought chicks with them, to meet the Beatles, which was the first thing that went wrong.

“Can we watch you trip for the first time? We promise not to laugh!”

The dose was probably too high. You do not want to ingest a powerful dose on your first trip. For this reason I doubt the intellectual bathtub scene took place, where creative musical ideas are discussed. Cuddling George as he freaks out, is more like it. We never hear of George’s famous FREAK-OUT! It is wiped out! Paul is mum – to this day!

“Hold onto me! I’m slipping into the void, Lads! Let us go together, Mates! Where are the dancing girls?”

Again, this is par for the course. Covering up George’s bad trip, and Paul’s freak-out, made Peter the fall guy. There were rumors. I suspect the song ‘She said She Said’ was written to mask the truth. They came up with a Acid Product. Wealthy and Famous Acid Heads deserve a finished product that will put more money in their SANE bank accounts, and, increase the idea these are the coolest beings on the planet. Bullshit!

Paul did not want that song to exist. It ragged on women – their base! Women are debased as witchy beings with dead bummers in their head (like getting naked so men can do nasty things to them) while the Fab Four are of Peter Pan and the Virginal Lost Boys. Their colorful Mums (born of the stars) love them nearly to death. She fills them with living goodness, not – DEAD STUFF. Mommy Freak-outs are common on Acid.

“I came out of my Mum’s cosmic womb?!! What the fuck! Is that her placenta? I’m back in the womb! I feel like I’ve never been born! Weeeeeeee!”

“Will someone, in God’s Name, get George out of his mother’s womb?”

“I know this woman. They call her the Gypsy Acid Queen. She’ll reset George’s priorities, and make a man of him again.”

Peter comes out with The Trip later on, that he would have liked it to have been about the Magical Beatle Tour of the Cosmic Womb. Were any cameras present at Georges NORMAL acid trip? The Acid People now saw the Beatles as being way cooler than The Byrds. And, they were much WHITER! It was now safe for White Teenage Chics to drop acid – like candy – which they did. My ex-bfrother-in-law asked me if I got “The Natch”, meaning, you got no affects at all when you dropped acid. He surfed on acid. When he came to 13th. the chic who was with him pointed at me and said;

“There’s a gold aura around that man!”

Bryan taught me how to tune my guitar to make it soud like a sitar, that I played while we hitch-hiked around California. Bryan wanted to be a Byrd so he could meet the Beatles, and be one with them. Bryan was a social climber. He owned amazing social skills. The girls adored him. I suspected he invited several Uni High School Chics to hear him play at the New Balladeer. He auditioned to be a Monkey. He knew Charlie Manson. Sharon Tate invited him to dinner the night she was butchered. This was his near-death experience. He decided to make a previous date.

Where are the Beatles? In London, huddling with their investors.

For a month I have been having brilliant conversations with Marilyn Reed. We are talking about a movie. I told her about the murder of Sky King, Bryan’s good friend who had a cot at the New Balladeer. I believe he was the dishwasher. I am thinking about calling the L.A. Police and get this case reopened.

John Kay was a dishwasher at the Balladeer. He founded Steppenwolf. Cavett made him the manager, then founded a recording studio. There was an EXPLOSION of Genius in America – and Canada? The Beatles got wind of it, and knew they were being lapped. However, this Renaissance was not going to last long. Why did it die? Rooting for the Super Groups to get even more rich and powerful, who you can’t afford to buy their records, would do it. Oh, and you want them to ingest the very best drugs, while you scape up white stuff from the gutter. How about fucking the best chics?

This is Idolatry, and worship of The Royals. But, some American bands were returning to the Ozark Mountains. Indeed, any good ol mountain, would do.

Hey! Wait a minute. I am getting signals from Serling in the Zone. He wants me to turn this post into a play and a movie, then a musical, called……….

Big Bummer at Zsa Zsa’s

It will be a modern Rashomon. Four Beatles will give four versions of who bummed George Harrison out, and made him feel like he was dying.

John Presco

Rashomon (羅生門 Rashōmon) is a 1950 Japanese period psychological thriller film directed by Akira Kurosawa, working in close collaboration with cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa.[2] It stars Toshiro Mifune, Machiko Kyō, Masayuki Mori, and Takashi Shimura. While the film borrows the title from Ryūnosuke Akutagawa‘s short story “Rashōmon“, it is actually based on Akutagawa’s short story of 1922 “In a Grove“, which provides the characters and plot.

The film is known for a plot device that involves various characters providing subjective, alternative, self-serving and contradictory versions of the same incident. Rashomon marked the entrance of Japanese film onto the world stage;[3][4]

The Beatnik Murder Case

In 1964, my girfriend’s father, Donald Frank, called my home and threatened to kill me because I cut school with his daughter, Melinda, who my famous sister did a lithograph of in 1986.

MacLean’s connection with Bob Dylan was that he joined the same Christian ministry (the Vineyard) that subsequently converted Dylan.  I guess MacLean and Bob must have known each other musically before the event, and certainly knew each other personally once Bob converted to Christianity.

She Said She Said
She said
I know what it’s like to be dead
I know what it is to be sad
And she’s making me feel like I’ve never been born
I said
Who put all those things in your hair
Things that make me feel like I’m sad
And you’re making me feel like I’ve never been born
She said you don’t understand what I said
I said no no no you’re wrong
When I was a boy, everything was right
Everything was right
I said
Even though you know what you know
I know that I’m ready to leave
‘Cause you’re making me feel like I’ve never been born
She said you don’t understand what I said
I said no no no you’re wrong
When I

Fonda wrote for Rolling Stone magazine:

I finally made my way past the kids and the guards. Paul and George were on the back patio, and the helicopters were patrolling overhead. They were sitting at a table under an umbrella in a rather comical attempt at privacy. Soon afterwards we dropped acid and began tripping for what would prove to be all night and most of the next day; all of us, including the original Byrds, eventually ended up inside a huge, empty and sunken tub in the bathroom, babbling our minds away.

I had the privilege of listening to the four of them sing, play around and scheme about what they would compose and achieve. They were so enthusiastic, so full of fun. John was the wittiest and most astute. I enjoyed just hearing him speak and there were no pretensions in his manner. He just sat around, laying out lines of poetry and thinking – an amazing mind. He talked a lot yet he still seemed so private.

It was a thoroughly tripped-out atmosphere because they kept finding girls hiding under tables and so forth: one snuck into the poolroom through a window while an acid-fired Ringo was shooting pool with the wrong end of the cue. “Wrong end?” he’d say. “So what fuckin’ difference does it make?”[17]

The Beatles attending a press conference in Bloomington, Minnesota, earlier in their 1965 US tour

As the group passed time in the large sunken tub in the bathroom,[18] Fonda brought up his nearly fatal self-inflicted childhood gunshot accident, writing later that he was trying to comfort Harrison, who was overcome by fear that he might be dying.[19][nb 1] Fonda said that he knew what it was like to be dead, since he had technically died in the operating theatre.[18][21] Lennon urged him to drop the subject, saying “Who put all that shit in your head?”[22] and “You’re making me feel like I’ve never been born.”[23] Harrison recalls in The Beatles Anthology: “[Fonda] was showing us his bullet wound. He was very uncool.”[12] Lennon explained in a 1980 interview:

We didn’t want to hear about that! We were on an acid trip and the sun was shining and the girls were dancing and the whole thing was beautiful and Sixties, and this guy – who I really didn’t know; he hadn’t made Easy Rider or anything – kept coming over, wearing shades, saying, “I know what it’s like to be dead,” and we kept leaving him because he was so boring! … It was scary. You know … when you’re flying high and [whispers] “I know what it’s like to be dead, man.”[3]

Lennon eventually asked Fonda to leave the party.[10][nb 2] After this, the gathering settled down as Lennon, Harrison, McGuinn and Crosby sat in the large bathtub discussing their shared interest in Indian classical music. Crosby demonstrated raga scales on an acoustic guitar and recommended that Harrison investigate the recordings of Indian sitarist Ravi Shankar.[26][nb 3] Peter Brown, Epstein’s assistant, later wrote that, in addition to inspiring Lennon’s 1966 song “She Said She Said”, the band members’ “LSD experiment” in August 1965 “marked the unheralded beginning of a new era for the Beatles”.[18] Author George Case, writing in his book Out of Our Heads, describes the Beatles’ subsequent album, Rubber Soul, and its 1966 follow-up, Revolver, as “the authentic beginning of the psychedelic era”.[30]


Lennon began working on “She Said She Said” in March 1966,[31] shortly before the Beatles started recording Revolver. On the home recordings he made at this time, the song was titled “He Said” and performed on acoustic guitar.[32] Lennon said that the episode with Fonda had stuck with him, and when writing the song, “I changed it to ‘she’ instead of ‘he.'”[33] Harrison recalled helping Lennon construct the song from “maybe three” separate segments that Lennon had. Harrison described the process as “a real weld”.[34][nb 4] In his 2017 book Who Wrote the Beatle Songs?, author Todd Compton credits Lennon and Harrison as the song’s true composers.[35]

“She Said She Said” is in the key of B Mixolydian, based on three chords: B (I), A (VII), and E (IV).[36] The key centre shifts to E major during the bridge sections by means of an F minor (v) chord, a pivot chord that the Beatles had used to modulate to the subdominant before on “From Me to You” and “I Want to Hold Your Hand“. The coda features a canonic imitation in the voice parts, a development of the idea originally presented by Harrison’s lead guitar in the verse. Lennon’s Hammond organ part consists entirely of one note – a tonic B-flat held throughout and faded in and out.[37]

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