Son of King

Fitzroy means ‘Son of King’, I am kin to William and Harry Windsor via Henry Fitzroy whose father was King Charles. Henry marries Isabella Bennet, whose father was Henry Bennet, his father was Sir John Bennet. Thomas Bennet married Ann Molyns. When William becomes King this Bennet line becomes important due the American ties. I am kin to Fitzroy and William and Harry via Rosemary Rosamond. My long genealogical search and story has been leading to the Coronation of Prince William. Charles should not be king. He was unfaithful to his wedding vow.

Diana has true destiny. She was an American Rose, also. The Bennet/Lee and Wilson linage came to America and Virginia. They were the first planters and owned slaves. Meghan and Prince Harry have a important roll to play in creating a New Enlightenment.

Here is my line to my later friend, Ben Toney. The Schwarzenberg line is here.

The Moleyns family owned Cambridge Castle. Is this the source for the title?

John Presco

The then 14-year-old reportedly said: “Don’t worry Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king.”

Unfortunately Prince William never had the chance to fulfil his promise as three years later, his mother died in Paris.

Born to Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine in 1663, Henry FitzRoy was the illegitimate son of King Charles II of England.[1] His grandparents included King Charles I and William Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison, colonel of one of the king’s regiments, who was killed in action during the Civil War.

On 1 August 1672 he was married at the age of nine to the five-year-old Isabella,[2] the daughter and heiress of Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington. The wedding ceremony was repeated on 7 November 1679,[2] and through their son Charles FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Grafton, the couple were ancestors of Diana, Princess of Wales.,_1st_Duke_of_Grafton

FitzRoy died in Ireland in 1690 of a wound received at the storming of Cork while leading William’s forces,[3] aged 27. His body was returned to England for burial.[4]

In October 1697 his widow married Sir Thomas Hanmer,[1] a young Buckinghamshire baronet, who became Speaker of the House of Commons and an authority on the works of William Shakespeare. She died in 1723.


The Duke of Grafton owned land in what was then the countryside near Dublin, Ireland, which later became part of the city. A country lane on this land eventually developed into Grafton Street,[5] one of Dublin’s main streets. Grafton Alley in Cork, close to where he was shot, also bears his name.[6]

He is an ancestor of the Earls Spencer of Althorp, Diana, Princess of Wales, and also Diana’s sons, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his younger brother, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. 

William de Moleyns, 2nd and only surviving son. In 1352 he was styled “King’s yeoman,” and on 28 April of that year had livery of his wife’s inheritance.
In October 1355, being styled chivaler, he was setting out for France for a month, and in December though still under age, he went to Scotland in the King’s service. In May 1359 he was allowed to have his father’s manor s on condition of providing a suitable maintenance for his parents, because his father had demised them to him before his impeachment, and in September he was allowed to conduct his father from Nottingham to Cambridge Castle. In this year he went to France in the retinue of Roger ( de Mortimer), Earl of March. He had livery of his mother’s lands in 1367, and in 1369 of the
Mauduit lands; in Nov. 1367 was about, to go beyond seas on the King’s service, and made a settlement of his estates. In Feb. 1368/9, staying beyond seas, he nominated attorneys; and in March 1370 was again bound for service abroad. In 1377 he was to serve in Brittany under John of Gaunt, and from August to October in that year was at sea in the King’s train, and was under orders for service abroad in August 1373. He was commissioner of array, and ofoyer and terminer, and justice of the peace in Bucks in 1377 and later, and in 1378 was a Knight of the Shire for that county, and in 1379 assessor of taxes.

He married, before 12 March 1352, Margery, then aged 15 1/2, daughter of Sir Edmund BACOUN, of Norfolk, by his 2nd wife, Margery POYNINGS, whose heir she was. He died 14 February 1380/1 . His widow died 1 June 1399.[Complete Peerage IX:39-40, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)] 

Ann Molyns MP

Birth: circa 1483
Goudhurst, Kent, England
Managed by: Debby Black

Daughter of Sir Alexander Culpeper, Kt. and Constantia Culpeper
Wife of Sir William Molyns, Kt.; John Hayward and Sir William de Moleyns
Mother of Joan Adkins; William Molyns; Ann Bennet; Edward Molyns; Sir Michael Molyns, Kt., MP and 2 others
Sister of John Culpeper; Catherine Barrett; Elizabeth St. Cleare; Margaret Chowte; Sir Thomas Culpeper, Kt., of Bedgebury and 9 others
Half sister of Alice Newington

Anne Clifford (Moleyns) MP

Gender: Female
Birth: circa 1408
Bobbing Court, Bobbing, Kent, England
Death: 1441 (29-37)
Buckinghamshire, England
Place of Burial: Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, UK
Immediate Family: Daughter of Sir William de Moleyns and Margery Whalesborough
Wife of Lewis Clifford
Mother of Alexander De Clifford, Esq
Sister of Sir William Moleyns, “5th Baron Moleyns” and Richard De Moleynes
Added by: Scott David Hibbard on July 4, 2008
Managed by: Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy,Vol. Curator and 13 others
Curated by: Ben M. Angel, still catching up


Anne MOLYNES (MOLINES) was born ABT 1408 in Of Bobbing Court, Bobbing, Co Kent, England, and died 1440/1441. She was the daughter of William MOLEYNS and Margery WHALESBOROUGH.

She married Lewis CLIFFORD ABT 1426 in of Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, England, son of William De CLIFFORD and Eleanor (Elizabeth) SAVAGE. He was born ABT 1399 in Tixall, Staffordshire, England, and died BEF 1438 in Vp.




  • Has No Children Elizabeth De CLIFFORD b: ABT 1427 in Of Bobbing Court, Bobbing, Co Kent, England
  • Has Children Alexander De CLIFFORD b: 30 NOV 1429 in Bobbing Court, Bobbing, Co Kent, England.

Marriage 1 Margaret COLEPEPPER b: ABT 1433 in Of Bobbing Court, Bobbing, Co Kent, England


  • Text: Vivian’s Visitations of Devon 1620, 1895 edition – Clifford of Chudleigh, pp. 194-199

Author: Medieval Studies Unit, Genealogical Dept

  • Title: Ancestral File (R), Church of the Latter Day Saints,

Publication: Copyright (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998 Repository: Family History Library, 35 N West Temple Street Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Supporting data

  • Sir William de Moleyns1,2,3,4,5
  • M, #16272, b. 7 January 1378, d. 8 June 1425
  • Father Sir Richard de Moleyns6,7,8 b. b 1357, d. 14 Dec 1384
  • Mother Eleanor de Beaumont6,7,8
  • Sir William de Moleyns was born on 7 January 1378 at Coleman Street, London, Middlesex, England; Age 7 in 1385.1,3,5 He married Margery before 29 September 1401; They had 2 sons (Sir William; & John) and 2 daughters (Katherine, wife of Sir John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, & Earl Marshal of England; & Anne, wife of Lewis Clifford).1,2,3,4,5 Sir William de Moleyns died on 8 June 1425 at of Stoke Poges & Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England, at age 47; Buried at Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire.1,3,5
  • Family Margery d. 26 Mar 1439
  • Children
    • Sir William Moleyns+3,5 b. 8 Dec 1405, d. 8 May 1429
    • Katherine Moleyns+9,1,2,3,4,5 b. c 1410, d. 3 Nov 1465
  • Citations
  • 1.[S5] Douglas Richardson, Plantagenet Ancestry, p. 504.
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  • From:




  • ‘Clifford03’
  • Sir Lewis de Clifford (d 1404, Ambassador)
  • m. Eleanor Delawarr (dau of John, Lord Delawarr)
    • 1. William Clifford
    • m. Eleanor Savage (dau of Sir Arnold Savage of Bobbing Court)
      • A. Lewis Clifford of Bobbing Court had issue
      • The following was suggested with caution by a site visitor (DS, 25.12.05). We hope to verify or amend it in due course.
      • m. Anne (dau of Lord Molynes)
        • i. Sir Alexander Clifford of Bobbing Court
        • m. Margaret Colepeper (dau of Walter Colepeper)
          • a. Lewis Clifford, Sheriff of Kent
          • m. Mildred Bourne ….. etc.
      • B. John Clifford
  • From:


  1. D: I56159
  2. Name: Anne De Molynes
  3. Surname: De Molynes
  4. Given Name: Anne
  5. Sex: F
  6. Birth: ABT 1408 in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, England
  7. Death: 1440/1441 in Bobbing, Kent, England
  8. _UID: DDA34B1635437043A810A91566D201591425 1 2
  9. Change Date: 10 May 2009 at 01:00:00

Father: William De Moleyns b: 7 Jan 1377/1378 in St Stephen Parish, Coleman Street, London, England

Mother: Margery Anne De Whalesburgh b: 1381 in London, England

Marriage 1 Lewis De Clifford b: ABT 1400 in Tixall, Staffordshire, England


  1. Has Children Margaret De Clifford b: ABT 1425 in Bobbing, Kent, England
  2. Has No Children Alexander De Clifford b: 30 Nov 1429 in Bobbing, Kent, England
  3. Has No Children Elizabeth De Clifford b: ABT 1430 in Bobbing, Kent, England


  1. Title: Vivian's Visitations of Devon 1620, 1895 edition
     Page: 194-199
  2. Title: Genealogical History of the Family of Brabazon
     Author: Hercules Sharpe, Compiler
     Publication: 1925
     Page: 11



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