Turkey Attacking Kurdish Allies Of Jesus

Betraying the Kurds spells doom for American Supremecy. Putin’s dreams are coming true. I posted this in March of 2018, proving I am a Prophet.



Turkey Attacking Kurdish Allies Of Jesus

“Turkey is massing troops near a town in northern Syria held by a U.S.-backed and Kurdish-led force, a war monitor and Turkish media said Sunday.

The buildup comes even though Turkey said it would delay a promised offensive in eastern Syria in the wake of U.S. decisions to withdraw its troops.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to dislodge the Kurdish fighters, who Turkey views as an extension of the insurgency within its borders. The U.S. had partnered with the Syrian Kurdish militia to drive out the Islamic State group since 2014. But the partnership had soured relations between Ankara and Washington.

Allaying some of Turkey’s fears was a deal reached in June according to which U.S. and Turkish troops would patrol the area around the Syrian town of Manbij. But Ankara says the U.S. and the Kurdish militia didn’t live up to their end of the deal and that it would start an offensive in eastern Syria to drive out the militia. Turkey already has troops in northwestern Syria and has backed Syrian fighters there to clear towns and villages of IS militants and Kurdish fighters.

In a surprise announcement, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he will withdraw U.S. troops from Syria— a decision that was hailed by Turkey. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he would delay the eastern Syria offensive and would work on plans to clear out IS from the region.


Rosamond Press

This morning I awoke with the overwhelming feeling I am ‘A Fighter of Loss Causes’: first Oakland, where I was born, and now the Kurds, who are being murdered by Erdogan. Wasn’t Jesus a fighter of lost causes, before he joined the parade of Kaiser Von Trump on his way to Jerusalem? God likes odds like this. Consider Gideon. I have found another gate atop a rock!

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Monobaz II or Monobaz bar Monobaz was the son of Helena of Adiabene and Monobaz I. Like his younger brother Izates bar Monobaz and his mother, Monobaz became a convert to Judaism. He ruled as king of Adiabene after the death of his brother Izates around 55 CE. The date of his death is unknown but he is known to have been alive and on the throne during the First Jewish-Roman War, when he gave aid to the Jewish rebels…

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