Call For Nazarite Coalition

When Kim Haffner launched her Crusade against me, she mocked my claim I am a prophet. I told her this claim is based upon the teaching of the Torah and Judaism, and not the strange ideas that evangelicals own. I told her being a Nazarite made me a a practitioner of Orthodox Judaism. I told her I am part Jewish.

Two years ago a Christian neighbor invited me to a Bible Study he was holding in the rec room. There were about five ex-convicts there. I shared my Biblical knowledge about the Nazarites. When Kim said I don’t belong here, I wondered who else thought so. Millions of evangelicals are concerned about not having people un-like them coming into this country. Does Jesus want them to be as selective as they can be about who lives next to them? Did the Kimites watch this strange video of me putting a rose scarf around my head? Was this evidence I should be locked up?

I was about to post the homes that belonged to the my Schwarzenburg ancestors. I just found this article. My kindred Karel Schwarzenburg scolded Turkey for going after a Kurd. I am calling for a world-wide coalition of brave souls who will fill the power vacuum created by the dangerous Evangelical President of the United States, who only serves his evangelical base. Israel still stands by the Kurds.

John ‘The Nazarite’

Karel Schwarzenberg, a former foreign minister of the Czech Republic, was scathing. “To arrest a politician who arrived in good faith to Prague for a conference is problematic,” he said. “We should also take into account the sad fact that the Turkish government coins every political opponent a terrorist.”

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