Going After McKee


I talked to Lieutenant McKee the day of the fire and shooting. His severed head was posted on his family site. WE have been targeted.

Below is a video of Belle Burch’s bosom buddies trying to entrap the EPD. Jean Stacey is always ready to sue. Alley has her camera at ready to harass all authority. She came after me when I questioned Belle about misusing funds for the homeless. I questioned her integrity. I made the video below the morning Kim and her gang harassed me.

John Presco



SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – A Springfield police investigator is now on administrative leave after investigating a fellow officer. But he says he’s been targeted.

That’s why Lieutenant Scott McKee is talking to us now.

He was the Springfield police investigator for fellow officer Ryan Stone, who was accused of police misconduct when he allegedly threw a jaywalker to the ground without appropriate cause back in April.

Lt. McKee found misconduct by Officer Stone during his investigation, but some members of the Springfield Police Association disagreed during the three day public hearing for the case earlier this month, resulting in Lt. McKee being put on administrative leave.

The association’s attorney, David Snyder, says it offered evidence that the investigation was not fair and contained bias by the investigator. It claimed that Officer Stone shouldn’t have gone on leave.

“It’s difficult for us to be critical of ourselves,” said Lt. McKee. “We look outside of the organization for trouble, that’s our job. Sometimes trouble is inside.”

Lt. McKee says his integrity has been publicly called into question by some members of the association when he was just doing his job as an investigator.

It seems that some disagree with investigating internally after Lt. McKee says a picture was placed over a family photo with officer stone’s face on it titled “Headhunting.”

Lt. McKee says he’s asked police chief Richard Lewis to conduct a new investigation to prove that his integrity has always remained in tact.

The Springfield Police Department didn’t get back to us in time for comment today, but Lt. McKee has released the following statement:

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