Maria Butina Born In Wanda’s Basement?

Butina has pled Guilty! My stock – soars!

Rosamond Press

There has to be an explanation for the amazing parallels between Maria Buntina, Svetlana Ogorodnikovs, and ‘The Royal Janitor’. The established news needs to know about Svetlana who was married to Bruce Perlowin who lived down in Wanda Harkin’s basement. Wanda was like my real mother. I was friends with her three sons, and had stayed in her famous basement.

CNN is driving me crazy. They keep going over and over Trump’s lame word excuse. They need to gather these talking heads and set them before a large screen, and look at the video of the news conference just before the “would” remark. There would be a stop button, so there can be a short discussion, then, on to next revealing dialogue. Putin owns many details to back up his offer to have Russia help with the Mueller investigation. This offer is rehearsed! Trump sets him up – to make…

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