Moloch’s Kitchen – Daughter Dead

OCCUPY Eugene.

Rosamond Press


Mo is the cook for the homeless. His kitchen is located in the basement of a large church. There are catacombs with cubicles full of sleeping bodies. He represents the god Moloch who was the husband of  Ianna who Belle’ mother wrote a play about. There was a creative psychic connection. Big John was the OCCUPY cook, and is on the board of Nightingale.

“I will be presenting my idea for a Labyrinth Walk in Ken Kesey Square to the Mayor and City Council. Shortly after I met Belle Burch I discovered her late mother, Catherine Vadertuin, co-authored a play ‘The Descent of Ianna’. Belle’s father founded a Labyrinth Walk where walkers were accompanied by Gamelan musicians. I believe the spirits of Ken and Catherine have guided me thru a maze to arrive at True Inspiration.”

I believe Catherine and I were destined to meet, but, our paths never crossed…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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