Alley Collected Money

What did Alley Valkyrie do with the money people gave her when she held her fake Art Be-In for her Tribe? Alley’s lover connects me to three black men who were accused of rape. Hard to believe, but one old friend grew distant. A innocent cat and Ken’s image, was drafted into their cause. They want passerby’s to think they were connected with Kesey. Belle Burch knew I had been ‘On the Bus’. I suspect her tribe were after my blog and credentials so they stay in this Prime Begging Spot.

The Alley Cult places a sign around Ken’s neck (to the displeasure of Zane Kesey) promoting anti-capitalism. I suspect Alley threatened me because someone was going to donate $400,000 dollars to a homeless group to buy land. The Alley Cult tricked artists to take part.  I need to dedicate a book to the modern Dickens tale.

“His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patters. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).”

How is Monroe protecting Belle Burch, making her feel safe. The three black men sought revenge! The word “PREDATORY” is hung around Ken’s neck. I suspect Belle showed Alley this blog, and she saw a PERFECT VICTIM to hang her sign on. I mention my kinship to the Getty family. The rich always like to “demonstrate his superior masculinity”. The best move I ever made was to cancel my modeling session with Belle when I found out she belonged to a Cult. Would she, and her tribe, have blackmailed me – for money?

My friend Tim would go on the warpath if someone hung such a sign on the monument to his famous father.

John Presco

“Former Oregon basketball players Dominic Artis and Damyean Dotson, dismissed by UO in May 2014 after being accused, but never charged, of raping a fellow student at an off-campus party two months earlier, have filed a lawsuit against the university seeking $10 million for each player.

Attorney Alex Spiro, who represents Artis and Dotson, called the suit “a matter of principle” in a brief phone interview Tuesday.

“The University of Oregon failed Mr. Artis and Mr. Dotson — two remarkable student-athletes — and must be held responsible,” Spiro wrote in a statement.”

Gwendolyn Maeve Iris – Troll

babbs5 babbs6

Clandestine Kesey Square Revival








“His desire to demonstrate his superior masculinity is linked to obvious male socialization patters. Cf. Oregon Duck rape scandal(s).”

The quote above was written by John Monroe a close friend of Alley Valkyrie, Belle Burch, Anbrose Heltham-Keatley, and other SLEEPS advocates. John was arrested with Belle. John and Alley were instrumental in the ‘Kesey Square Revival’ that Alley said was over, but, it looks like I innocently stumbled into a clandestine revival led by Belle Burch. This is why she tried to incorporate my blog and book in their hidden agenda. Note the chalk on the m ground, the woman hiding her face from me, and the woman wearing a OCCUPY slogan on her hat. It appears that after their arrest this revival was rehashed in order to keep these anarchists visible. How many knew Belle was going to give me a call and set up a meeting? This is why she kept her people a secret from me.

“We brought tables and chairs, played board games and read books, handed out organic produce and created murals throughout the square with sidewalk chalk.”

This is why Belle wanted this video removed, and her subversive clandestine gang. These slanderers and extortionists were not protecting Belle, they were protecting their covert agenda. They needed me to fear for my life, lest I continue my investigation into why they went after me when I discovered Belle Burch had been arrested with members of the Kesey Square Revival. It appears there was a new plan just underway. I did not know I was the monkey wrench in the works. Belle and her backers, did. This is why they tried to destroy my reputation. They went too far when they attacked my mother and my family, and lumped me in with the Duck football players who were accused of rape.

I was an innocent citien enjoying the square. I made a vieo that CAPTURED HELL. I will make sure the Kesey family is aware of these radicals who denied me freedom of the press. Note the woman who is hiding her face from my lens. Belle waves off her concern, but, comes over to check me out. When I tell her my blog if for the promoting and preserving the Bohemians and their lifestyle, she can’t believe what she heard and asks me for my number.

I will now be contacting several attorneys in order to restore my reputation and make sure my Civil Rights are not violated again.


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