Save The Ukraine

I have been under attack! Were Russian Trolls behind these attacks that came to my door?

Here is my kindred, Karl Schwarzenberg, whose sister owns a vast track of land in Africa. A play was written about his land – with castles. I, and the spirit of Rensberg, are trying to save THE WORLD, and not create a sanctuary for paranoid racists.

I can come in as a novelist, a newspaperman, a movie director, a poet, a prophet, a spy. Whatever it takes to save the world!

I go with the my young muse who came out of the sea so long ago. Before she went over to the dark side, she walked like a panther, by my side.

Jon ‘The Seer’

Zimbabwe is in breach of two arbitral awards totalling USD 240 million, after it missed a deadline to pay investors whose land was seized as part of the government’s racially motivated land reforms.

Zimbabwe has failed to pay arbitral awards worth nearly USD 240 million to a family of Swiss-German investors whose land was seized by settlers and the government on racial grounds.

The von Pezold family and their company Border Timbers won twin awards against the Zimbabwean government at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in July 2015, worth USD 230 million in damages and interest, GBP 8 million (USD 10.7 million) in legal fees and ZAR 705,000 (USD 53,000) in experts’ fees.á_Castle

Elisabeth von Pezold wants the return of property expropriated by the Czechoslovak state in 1947.

However, her adopted brother, Karel Schwarzenberg, the Czech Republic’s foreign minister, apparently does not.

The homes include the Cesky Krumlov castle, a jewel in the crown of Czech tourism which towers over an ancient town in southern Bohemia.


Last Schwarzenberg in Hluboká

Date of event

17. 7. 2016, 2030 — 17. 7. 2016, 2200
18. 7. 2016, 2030 — 18. 7. 2016, 2200
2. 8. 2016, 2030 — 2. 8. 2016, 2200
3. 8. 2016, 2030 — 3. 8. 2016, 2200
17. 8. 2016, 2030 — 17. 8. 2016, 2200
18. 8. 2016, 2030 — 18. 8. 2016, 2200

Place of event

Státní zámek Hluboká nad Vltavou

The plot bitter comedy set in the years 1933 to 1939. An avid Adolf arrives with his wife Hilda, from Africa to the castle Hluboka with big plans with his new farm Mpala. His father, Jan Nepomuk Although the look as enthusiastic, but wish to prevent the flight of his son. The scene also appear Adolf siblings Anna and Reprobate Edmund, who is eternally without money.
Adolf remote controls work in Africa and manages the family property, it needs to also address poaching in the districts. It also occurs entrepreneur Neumann fraudulent highway construction project in Sumava.
His wife Hilda works at the exhibition on Africa at the hunting lodge Ohrada and Jan Nepomuk at her urging his grandson’s expectations.
Edmund secretly married to Mary, the daughter of a railroad porter and is forced to renounce the name Schwarzenberg. In Germany, the coming to power of Hitler occupying Austria and the Sudetenland later. Germans arrest Swarzenberg employees. Adolf travels to Berlin to the Reich Interior Minister Himmler and achieve their release.
After his father’s funeral, however, he is forced to flee from Hilda from Hluboká into Italy.

The game alternates scenes full of humor and hyperbole serious scenes that reflect the atmosphere of the time. Gentle humor and the author allows viewers to take a closer acquainted with the last years of Adolf Schwarzenberg in Hluboká and were just overwhelmed with facts and complex period before World War II.

24 February 2015 – VoxEurop Notebook

Karel Schwarzenberg was Foreign Affairs Minister of the Czech Republic from 2007 to 2013. He was chancellor under Václav Havel in the 1990s, when he led the first delegation of the OSCE to Nagorno-Karabakh following the outbreak of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He now leads the conservative TOP 09 party and ran for the Czech president in 2013, losing to Miloš Zeman in the second round.

Mr. Schwarzenberg, was the Nobel Peace Price for the European Union in vain?

In my opinion, it was a pretty useless gesture. There is no doubt that the EU has achieved a lot for peace. We won’t challenge that. [The EU] made enormous progress within its member states, but I think that giving the Nobel Price to an international organisation is useless.

How do you assess the current geopolitical situation in Europe?

Right now we are heading towards, or already have behind us, a great defeat. The ceasefire that the leading powers of the EU – Germany and France – negotiated in Minsk did not even hold for 24 hours. But this was clear right from the outset. Putin has succeeded in ridiculing the EU’s representatives, and Europe will have to decide if it still wants to take itself seriously.

What can and should the EU do?

Offer the strongest possible resistance to the conquest of Ukraine and help Ukraine by any means necessary. This will require considerable sacrifices.

What sacrifices do you have in mind?

Money, money, and more money – as the old field marshal [Raimondo] Montecuccoli said: “for war you need three things: money, money, and more money.” And since Russia is waging war against Ukraine, we have to support Ukraine – and this requires money, money, and more money.

Who is to blame for the situation in Ukraine?

Many are to blame. But in the first instance Russia, of course, or Putin. He wants to subjugate Ukraine once again, for it to submit to the domination of Moscow. For Putin, it is not about recovering the old industry in Donetsk, nor is it about some villages in eastern Ukraine. For him, it is about the possession of Ukraine in its entirety. And that should be clear in our minds. Europe’s fate is being determined in Ukraine.

What motivations are at play?

For Putin, power. It’s very simple. He does not recognise the autonomy of Ukraine or the existence of a Ukrainian nation, and believes it should be subject to his power. Power alone is a very honorable goal. Americans have a nice phrase: “power is better then sex.”

Does the EU have a problem with power?

It doesn’t use its powers, unfortunately. We are preoccupied, scared, about our business interests. But there is an old joke: “even in leather pants, people without balls are still impotent.”

You were very active against the communist governments in the old Czechoslovakia and elsewhere in the Eastern bloc. Do you draw parallels between today and the situation more than 50 years ago?

There are huge differences, but it is Russia’s unabated claim to power that unites them.

The Czech Republic became a NATO member in 1999 and joined the EU in 2004. How did you experience this period of change?

I was very happy that it succeeded, because I was reassured that my home country was more or less secure. There were no big tensions. Both accessions were welcomed by the population. There were some who protested – communists and others – but they clearly were the minority.

What future does the Eastern Partnership have?

I believe we should continue the Eastern Partnership. It is in our interest to care about our neighbors, because if the East remains a turbulent and poor region, it will hurt us. We should have no illusions about this. In that sense, it is in the best interest of EU member states for the countries of the Eastern Partnership to prosper. It is less a charitable act than one of self interest.

But might this not be difficult to justify, since it could be seen as too much influence by the EU?

I would love to know which states in the region we have a considerable influence on. I don’t know of any.

Why doesn’t the EU have this influence?

Because the Eastern Partnership is controversial. It does not guarantee future EU membership. The EU is schizophrenic about this. As always, the EU does not really know what it wants.

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