Rena Maserati Is Coming

Rena was dangerous and could go as fast as you dare.

Rosamond Press



tamalpais-sun5I was watching a car commercial and saw a Rena look-alike in it. ‘The Italians are coming’ is out of this post I made over two years ago.

Maserati Sunset

Rena and I sat on our hillside watching the western sky turn into a rainbow, and then beheld the first stars appear in the thalo blue richness of the sky. This was to be our last night on our mountain before we descend to the land of mortals below.

I sat above her, and thus she used my legs and knees like a thrown, a leather bucket seat, her beautiful arms resting on me as I caressed her shoulders. A warm wind came up through the pines and oaks, and the strong smell of dry golden
grass was like a perfume that still lingers. This aroma is my solace, at knowing what she had in store, for herself, just herself.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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